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Old 09/19/01, 06:20 PM   #31
Brunnen G Ranger
Shadow Ranger
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What about the PR/TMNT Crossover?
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Old 10/06/01, 12:39 PM   #32
Ranger In Training
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I remember the Samurai Pizza Cats.
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Old 10/06/01, 05:29 PM   #33
Shadow Ranger
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I think all the series had their good sides, well except for TMNT: TNM and Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog. Both of those I couldn't stand. Beetleborgs I liked because of the Shadowborg saga, which was pretty good IMO. VR Troopers I never watched but my mom bought me these books 5 years back or so (she thought they were PR related so she bought them) and I read those and they are fairly good. Masked Rider was ok, for the most part. My favorite of that series was just the crossover between MR and MMPR. It was pretty good. But I never really saw anything good about TMNT: TNM and Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog.
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Old 01/21/02, 07:15 AM   #34
Comic Relief
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I liked Mystic Knights, the whole taking place in medieval times thing really seemed cool! I didn't think I would like it seeing the first promos, but it got pretty cool.

Never saw Masked Rider:(
Big bad beetle borgs sucked,
VR troopers was okay, not as good as PR but okay none the less.
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Old 01/22/02, 02:00 AM   #35
Shadow Ranger
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Let's see...

Masked Rider: Would have been okay, except for the fact that the family was WAAAAAY too sappy and cheerful, and the plots just got too cheesy!

Ninja Turtles: Saban managed to take something I loved as a kid and ruin it! The only good thing about this was Venus (I thought them saying the Turtles weren't really related just so the boys could flirt with Venus and it not be incestuous was a little odd). It was just too cartoony to be live-action, but the PR crossover was fun!

VR Troopers: Actually improved a bit the second season. In the end, it turned out to be another typical Saban series, as Ryan became the "Red Ranger", getting the lion's share of the focus and leaving the others in the lurch.

BeetleBorgs: OH MUH SWEET JEZUZ WEPT!!!! That was the stupidest show I've ever seen!! The plots seem to have been written by chimps, the house of monsters were downright annoying, those little "Barney and Friends" reject kids (As well as the adults that were on the series, including Grandma Mumu) couldn't act their way out of a paper bag, and the whole thing was corny beyond belief! I'm glad that one got cancelled!!

Never seen Tir Na Nog, but the toys have been piled high at the toy store by my house. Maybe they'd pay me to take them off their hands??

As for the other shows mentioned: Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills: A bunch of spoiled, dispicable, pissed-off rich kids who get these special powers by a talking brain and fight monsters on a set that makes Pokemon look photorealistic... I saw it on ET when they were about to start the show, and I saw half of one episode. This was clearly a Power Rangers rip-off, and a badly-done one at that! They should have at least made the kids likeable instead of a bunch of snotty rich b*tches!

Superhuman Samurai SyberSquad... Six Words: Three for a Buck at Kay-Bee!

Anyone seen Saban's version of Sailor Moon?? Go to blackmercury.tripod.com/lsmw/ for more info!!
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Old 01/22/02, 03:22 PM   #36
Shadow Ranger
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would have been good if, they used adult characters and used the Japanese footage to their advantage and not using the kiddie actors. The Japanese version was great.

MAsked Rider- the show was okay.

VR Troopers-I've seen some of the episodes on video, But
I think Saban/FOX should have aired it on FOX kids.

I'm not to fond of the other Saban shows, but Power Rangers is the best of all.
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Old 01/17/11, 02:12 PM   #37
psychic ranger
Power Ranger
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