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Old 01/12/15, 02:02 PM   #1
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Default Why did Mega Force fails on the first front?

If you ask me which was the most dull PR season, I would say - Mega Force. Why? Because of the low story content it fed us. I mean, the story was not rich. The episodes had just fighting and fighting and action. Although, LOL - PR series is about action and fights only but a story needs to have a good approach on the front of a Ranger as a personal being too. I mean, we feel RPM was a great season. Why? Because each character had his or her own personal life. The past of each character was very well portrayed. Like Samurai had little approach to the personal life and being of a Ranger as an individual, which made it bearable. But Mega Force, I feel hardly presented any of the Ranger's approach as an individual. Even if it did, it never was as intresting, when compared to the earlier seasons.

Actually when a Ranger or character is portrayed as an individual, I feel the character develops a lot and gradually the content of the story enrichens. While , lack of that makes a story extremely monotonous and reptitive. That is what I feel.

Would love to read you views.
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Default Re: Why did Mega Force fails on the first front?

I agree with some of your points however Samurai itself didn't have much story to it either all we had was Kevin who quit training to being an Olympic swimmer because he had to be a Samurai Ranger, we had Jayden who was just a decoy Red Ranger while Lauren was perfecting her Sealing Symbol, we had Mia being a bad cook and we had the whole thing with Serrator orchestrating everything involving Deker and Dayu since he wanted to use Deker to crack the world in half.

The first season of MMPR had no story other than Tommy being an evil Green Ranger, becoming good and then eventually losing his powers and then regaining them on a temporary basis.
Zeo had no story until we got around to the Gold Ranger stuff.
Lightspeed had no story until we got around to the Ryan stuff.

I think the main issue with Megaforce is nothing was planned and everything was set up very poorly so even though we had anniversary aspects for Super Megaforce none of them even seemed like a big deal to anyone and they should have a big impact on us fans.
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Mr. CD
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Default Re: Why did Mega Force fails on the first front?

I think the number 1 thing that hurt this season was the lack of world-building. These two seasons never create a landscape and background for itself. There's no mythology to it. Troy has visions of the future but the seasons never do anything with them. "My mentor Zordon" is never elaborated on. Hell, speaking of Gosei, why is he even involve in the conflict? Sure Zordon abducted a bunch of attractive teenagers to do his dirty work but at least he gave his reasons at the start: He was the one to seal Rita away and now she back and out for revenge. Soon members of her extended family and other villains started showing up until they were retcon into being apart of one big group. Terra Venture had magical artifacts Scorpius wanted, Captain Mitchell had a personal connection with the demons and was assign the task of defeating them, the Time Force Rangers viewed it as their responsibility to capture Ransik since he escape under their watch, Hartford unearthing the Corona cause various aliens to come to Earth sniffing around for it, the Order of the Claw fought in a war to decide Earth's evolutionary line. Every season went out of their way to explain why the good guys got involve in the conflict.

Gosei has none of this. He knows who Malkor, Professor Cog, and Mavro are yet there's nothing to suggest he has any connections to them and since Zordon dead we have no idea if he knew about the WarStar and the Armada. The Power Cards remain unexplored. No explanation for the Ranger Keys or where they came from or how they work. Shoot, if Zordon behind them, that just raises even more questions. These two seasons are so hideously basic and bare-boned.
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Default Re: Why did Mega Force fails on the first front?

I could guess what the characters could've been:

Troy: He moves alot being a military brat. Had a tough upbringing, practiced martial arts most of his life. Doesn't get into his emotions easily. At 6 years old, he was saved by the Red Time Force Ranger, wanting to be a power ranger one day after that incident. Once he got to Harwood, he starts having dreams of the Legendary War. Throughout he learns to be a leader while being a ranger.

Gia: Like the show suggest, she is Ms. Perfect. Very good at many things, many adore her while others are jealous of her. While everyone thinks she has a perfect life, deep down she gets a little tired. Growing up in a strict family, they pushed her to be the best, going over the limits of tiring her out. Throughout, she learns what it is to be let loose & free while being a ranger.

Emma: Like the show suggests, she loves nature & photography. Her mom died at a young age, but back then, her mom would take her out to beautiful hikes through the woods, taking pictures, giving Emma her first camera before her passing. Emma was a sad little girl one day until she met a girl who cheered her up, eventually becoming her best friend, Gia.

Jake: Like the show suggests, Jake loves 2 things: Soccer & girls, specifically Gia. Jake's life has been very simple and calm, no worries. When he became a ranger, he wanted to tell everybody, wanting everyone to praise him. While he had a good life so far, others didn't & while being a ranger, he learns how to understand other people's struggle.

Noah: Like the show suggests, Noah is the brains of the group. Fascinated of many things, he wants to learn as each new thing comes along. Him being best friends with Jake gets him in funny situations. He always admires how stong his brother from another mother is, so becoming a ranger was one thing Noah doubted he can do. Throughout he puts himself down, though Jake supports him, while Troy teaches him Martial Arts along the way. He'll treat at becoming a good ranger like trying to get an A on a test.

I wish they had characer development! Lol
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Default Re: Why did Mega Force fails on the first front?

Using fanservice to compensate for effort in writing.

Granted the fanservice was lackluster whether it trying to emulate MMPR (Even having a new character named Ernie) or paying tribute to the past seasons in SMF, but it feels like the fanservice overall was suppose to carry the series rather than developing the cast and story on their own merits.

Frankly Dino Thunder does it right. The fanservice had more heart put into it, plus the characters pay homage to the MMPR cast without being ripoffs. Simply put, DT succeeds as both a love letter to longtime PR fans, while still doing it's own thing and doing it well.
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Default Re: Why did Mega Force fails on the first front?

You know, I like the idea of the Rangers coming from various attacked towns of PR past when they were young. Each having an experience with a Ranger of their color and when the time comes that their new town is attacked and they're able to act (Via Gosei) they jump at the chance because of their prior experience. And then come Legend War when each of them could see the Ranger they knew from their childhood coming and taking off their helmets allowing them to see their faces for the first time.
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Default Re: Why did Mega Force fails on the first front?

actually it was never said in-show that Zordon was the one that sealed Rita and her minions away... although more than likely he was the one that did it... however you do have a point that at least he did explain his reasons but technically so did Gosei the only difference between the 2 is that Zordon was actually familiar about the villains so he could assist the team when they had issues however Gosei wasn't as familiar with the villains so he couldn't do much to help out.

Terra Venture only had the Lights of Orion and the Galaxy Book. The Rangers were the ones that had the Quasar Sabers.

Captain Mitchell did have a personal connection to the demons but technically Lightspeed Rescue was set up to deal with the possibility of the demons being released.

Time Force was responsible for dealing with the capturing of mutants and it was Jen's decision to decide to follow Ransik to the past along with her team because she felt responsible for letting him get away.

Wild Force really didn't have much of a reason other than the Ancient Warriors and Animus fighting the original Master Org years ago. Cole and the new Master Org however did have a connection.

Ninja Storm had the whole Scroll of Destiny thing where everything was destined together with Sensei's brother; Lothor returning and then eventually the Wind Rangers would have to face him in a final battle.

Dino Thunder had the connection because of Tommy and Trent's connections of Mesogog.

S.P.D. because of Cruger and Gruumm.

Mystic Force really didn't have any connection except when it came to Koragg.
Overdrive because of the Corona Aurora and its jewels.
Dai-Shi's only connection was Jarrod and because Dai-Shi had been trapped in a box held by Phai Zhuq the Order of the Claw.

RPM because Dr. K likely felt responsible for creating such a deadly virus.
Samurai and Megaforce there's no reason for it. Also no connections either.
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Default Re: Why did Mega Force fails on the first front?

These ideas could work. Each of the Rangers were saved by a former Ranger in the cities, but because of the rebuilding, they all eventually moved to Harwood County. Emma could've lost her mom during a monster attack and run into the Wild Force Rangers in person but didn't know who they were. Maybe Jake had some interaction with Conner at one point post-Dino Thunder, pre-2011. As for Noah, it wouldn't surprise me if he somehow got to see or meet someone like Captain Mitchell, Ms. Fairweather, Cam, or Andrew Hartford, all whom helped develop Ranger technology.
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Dino Charger
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Default Re: Why did Mega Force fails on the first front?

I thought Mega and Super Mega were great! I think the characters were actually interesting. The action was awesome. Plus we got all the old Ranger Forms in Super. Talk about amazing call backs from the past. And "Legendary Battle"? Best episode where, better than "Countdown To Destruction ".

I think people just got their hopes up and got themselves disapointed. The two seasons couldn't have been much better. I know people wanted more actors back. But I am just happy we got the ones we did. I don't get why the Megaforce seasons are so hated?
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Default Re: Why did Mega Force fails on the first front?

Megaforce was decent for a 20 episode season. It's Super Megaforce where the story went bad. They should never have tried to adapt two different sental's into 40 episodes. They should have just stuck with with Gokaiger and did a two year anniversary. These days two seasons are about equal to one in the old days anyway.
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