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Default Super Megaforce Legendary Morphs

I have been thinking about this for quite awhile so I wanted to bring this up.

What Legendary Morphs did you want to see?
I personally just wanted to see a morph into any Power Rangers good morning warrior that came from Sentai but with the addition of Titanium, Spirit Rangers and any modes they had

I especially would have liked seeing all color changes like all White, all Green, all Black, all Pink, all Blue, all Yellow and all Red although I can imagine that an all Pink change might be controversial and very questionable
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MMPR Forever
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Default Re: Super Megaforce Legendary Morphs

They should have only morphed into the MMPR Rangers.
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Default Re: Super Megaforce Legendary Morphs

They should have skipped on adapting Goseiger because the 20-season split was already in effect and the 20th anniversarry was just around the corner. They should have gotten 1 Ranger from every then-adopted Sentai season to appear in their own tribute episode, following the Gokaiger order, not necessarily with the Veteran Rangers who appeared in Gokaiger:

Magiranger / Mystic Force
Dekaranger / Space Patrol Delta
Gekiranger / Jungle Fury
Gaoranger / Wild Force
Shinkenger / Samurai
Carranger / Turbo
Gingaman / Lost Galaxy
Boukenger / Operation Overdrive
GoGo V / Lightspeed Rescue
Hurricanger / Ninja Storm
Abaranger / DinoThunder
Ohranger / Zeo
Go-Onger / RPM
Megaranger / In Space
Timeranger / Time Force
Kakuranger / Mighty Morphin' Alien

They could have adapted the episode where Orion gets the Q-Rex into a MMPR episode with Tommy making a cameo appereance. Additionally, they could have him cameo in the Zeo and DinoThunder tribute episodes where he could return to his mentor role. T.J. and/or Cassie could've done both Turbo and In Space tribute episodes, Damon, Leo & Karone Lost Galaxy, Carter and Dana could have shown up in the adaptation of the GoGo V's tribute episode, Wes could have easily been in the Time Force tribute episode and could have easily reprised his double role of Alex and Wes and any of the WF cast could do the Wild Force tribute. Same with Ninja Storm - they could have just filmed original footage where the SM Rangers transform into the 3 Wind, 2 Thunder and the Green Samurai NS Ranger (in case of being unable to get the 3 Winds onboard), S.P.D. (if they're unable to make Cruger to make a cameo), Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive and R.P.M. The Samurai and Jungle Fury tributes were just fine, so they could have easily worked as they are.

They had 2 years to plan the anniversarry season and get as many people on board as possible, exclude the pre-Zuys, Dairanger and Goseiger by skipping scenes where those suits are featured and editing existing/filming original footage where needed to avoid continuity errors. Of course, the Legendary Battle would have to be original footage to exclude unadapted teams as well. Not only all seasons would be acknowledged correctly and treated with respect, but we could also have gotten a full straight Goseiger adaptiation later on. The season list could have looked something like this:

Shinkenger / Samurai S01
Shinkenger / (Super) Samurai S02
Gokaiger / Super Megaforce S01
Gokaiger / Super Megaforce S02
Goseiger / PR 2015 S01
Goseiger / PR 2016 S02
Kyoryuger / Dino Charge
Kyoryuger / Dino Supercharge (25th season, DiD would still have worked)
Ninninger / Ninja Steel S01
Ninninger / (Super) Ninja Steel S02
Go-Busters / Beast Morphers S01
Go-Busters / Beast Morphers S02
Ryusoulger / Dino Fury S01 (30th season)
Ryusoulger / Dino Fury S02

EDIT: As for the US-only Ranger appereances: I agree, they should have used the Titanium Ranger suit in a Lightspeed Rescue tribute and the Spirit Rangers in a later episode, not necessarily in the Jungle Fury episode.

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Default Re: Super Megaforce Legendary Morphs

Yes trying to adapt two Sentais in one was a bad idea. If each block of episodes was 40 it may have been a different story. But each half was 20. You just didn't need to adapt a second sentai. Its not like they couldn't go back to it later. Beast Morphers more then proves this.
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Old 08/09/20, 09:00 PM   #5
Captain Codfish
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Default Re: Super Megaforce Legendary Morphs

I think they did a great job with Megaforce as it is. Legendary Battle is one of my favorite episodes. I suppose I could say I would like to see even more morphs. But I feel like I would be nitpicking,
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Old 08/10/20, 05:55 AM   #6
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Default Re: Super Megaforce Legendary Morphs

Megaforce had lack of character development, plot development, story development and a lot of story elements skipped over for the sake of burning trough 100 episodes of Sentai footage. I recently attempted watching Tensou Sentai Goseiger and although I had to stop after Gosei Knight's debut because of lack of time (obligations), I can TESTIFY that there's more usable Sentai footage in those 15+ episodes of Goseiger that could provide the show with a lot more plot, story and character development than what was actually used in the actual (Super) Megaforce seasons.

Yes, "Legendary Battle" is one of my favorite GENERIC PR episodes: the fact is that a lot that was featured in it wasn't previousely introduced properly. They try to build upon the emotional and moral connection between the current team and the Veterans, but you don't actually feel that connection. They didn't even explain where did the Ranger Keys come from, why were they created in the first place and how did those who created them even know they're going to be needed? I mean, the Veteran Ranger teams just show up morphed and waLK TOWARDS the Megaforce team like nothing even happened with their powers. The whole 40 episodes of those seasons instead of resolving some open-ended stuff from previous seasons, answering questions on where did the Warstar and the Armada come from, they just end up adding even more unanswered questions. Plus when the Veterans teleport away... the shot of Earth in there just doesn't make any sense as only the Alien Rangers, the Gold Zeo Ranger, Andros, Zhane, the Galaxy Rangers and the RPM Rangers are those who should've teleoprted somehow to their own Galaxies/planets/dimensions, but not everyone else, like the used footage actually shows.
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Old 08/10/20, 09:05 PM   #7
Massive Ego
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Default re: legendary morphs

Legendary Battle felt like a kid at a candy store wrote it with no knowledge of the craft. It was lazily produced with little thought for what the returning characters actually represented. I would say its one of my least favorite episodes for this very reason. I would have preferred they not adapt Gokaiger at all if they were going to produce the mess that was Super Megaforce.
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Old 08/10/20, 09:05 PM   #8
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Default Re: legendary morphs

I wish they would have done a whole episode where Gia is stuck in Kimberly's Ranger Form...Which leads us to a whole episode about Kimberly.
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Old 08/10/20, 09:20 PM   #9
Khan's Wrath
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Default Re: Super Megaforce Legendary Morphs

Wait?So you are saying they should have uses Goseiger as the anniversary season over Gokaiger?
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Billy in The Middle
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Default Re: legendary morphs

Maybe a simple team up with the available MMPR Rangers would have been more doable. They tried to do too much. I know they were at the mercy of the Sentai Footage for the classic transformations as well.
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