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Default Re: Power Rangers Reloaded

Meanwhile in Angel Grove two kids were playing unaware that the Snizzard was watching them. Then Snizzard took out one of his snake like arrows, put it to the apple on his head, and loaded it. Then he fired the arrow, and it sprayed seeds down on the children’s heads.

Then trees started sprouting out of their heads as they started screaming in pain, and started aging. Then the Snizzard went all around Angel Grove doing the same to more children. All the while he quipped “You know what they say an apple a day drains your life force away”.

At the Command Center Alpha responded Aye ye ye Kimberly I hear you, But where are you” Zordon answered “My scanners indicate that she is currently at an altitude of 5,000 feet, and dropping”. Kimberly further added” I’m flying a plane or at least trying to.”

Alpha panicked “Aye ye ye if your life is in danger just morph out of there”. But Kimberly explained “I can’t I have other people here with me.”

Then the alarm at the Command Center went off, and the Viewing Globe showed them the images of the Snizzard going around making trees come out children’s heads. Alpha once again panicked “Aye ye ye Rita’s sent another monster what a terrible time to attack”.

Zordon was suspicious “This is no coincidence. Rita wanted to distract us while her monster attacks.” Zordon then ordered “Contact the Rangers at once”. Alpha complied “Understood I’ve alerted the Rangers now.”
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