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Default Bad Guys Gone Good

Did this concept get grating after a while?

We had Nephryte give up his life because he fell in love with Naru, it surprised probably everyone who first saw it. Then we cross paths with the Sides of the Dark Moon, with it turning out all four Ayakashi sisters were actually converted by Rubeus, and they all made the leap back to the side of right. Dr. Tomoe was merely a tool of Pharaoh 90, and after Sailor Saturn took it out, Tomoe was just a normal father again. The Amazon Trio was supposed to be truly evil, but they got the wicked scared out of them when Zirconia threatened them for their many failures, and Pegasus ended up helping those who had been after him. The Amazon Quartet eventually pulled the same, only being bad because it was fun. And of course Sailor Galaxia rounds out the series.

Talk about something getting old fast. Almost half the characters couldn't decide which side they were really on!
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You would prefer everyone one and his mother was purely evil to the core? Go watch Kamen Rider Hibiki then. I prefer my villians grey.
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Its interesting, because in the Manga most of those villans never turn good. The Amazon Quartet still does ( who end up being Chibi-Usa's Sailor Soldiers, The Asteriod Senshi). Sailor Moon is forced to kill Professor Tomoe, because he is too far gone ( his soul is no longer there). I beleive Mars kills Nephryte. The Four sisters all die as well. As do the Amazon Trio. Galaxia also dies but I think she respects Sailor Moon by the time that she does.
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