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Default Re: Power Rangers Reloaded

Back on the moon Rita was furious with her minions for failure hitting them all over the head with her scepter screaming at the top of her lungs “YOU LOUSY INCOMPETANT MORONS. I can’t believe you lost to a bunch of kids who haven’t even graduated yet. You make me sick.”

At the Command Center the Rangers were congratulating each other when Zordon added “Congratulations on a job well done”. Then he told them “Now that you have become Power Rangers you must follow three basic rules or lose the protection of the power”.

“First never use your power for personal gain. Second never escalate a battle unless Rita forces you, and Finally keep your identity secret no one must know that you are a Power Ranger”. Then Zack said still skeptical “Wait a second” “What is it Zachary?”
Zordon asked. Zack answered “I’m still not sure we’re up to this. We were really lucky this time”.

Zordon replied “Luck had nothing to do with it. You five have come together to form as fine a group of superheroes as the world will ever know”. Kimberly asked “No way really?” Zordon then replied “You have been through an extraordinary experience together. You need each other, and the world needs you.

Cheerfully Jason said “All right I’m in” “Me too” Zack added. “You can count on me” Trini said followed by Billy with “Affirmative”. But Kimberly said disappointingly “I don’t know you guys the outfits are cool, and everything but my hair gets tangled up inside the helmet. I don’t think I can do it.”

Kimberly’s friends were disappointed until she went “Not”, and they all laughed except for Alpha who started short circuiting. Then the five friends put their hands together, and leaped together all of them shouting “Power Rangers”.

The End.
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