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Default Who would come back for good?

I was thinking of asking this as a poll question, but it would limit us. Who, out of all rangers, past and present, do you think would give up their normal life and devote it to purely fighting evil throughout the galaxy as a ranger? Pretend they're going to be immortal and a ranger always. . .who could you see doing it? I personally think Wes would. . .I can see him popping up anywhere in time to help out. At first I thought Tommy, but then again he left to lead a normal life, so obviously he wouldn't. What do you think?
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Default Re: Who would come back for good?

let's see... as for the actors I think JDF, Johnny, Cat, Melody and I would presume that'd be it until you got to Ninja Storm at which point I think you could convince any of those actors to do so as long as they live in New Zealand or Australia
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