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Default The Power Rangers Morphing Masters Database

When the evil Zedrian Empire invaded Earth, the Power Rangers past, present, and future came together to defend the planet. The Rangers combined their strength and destroyed The Empire’s forces. Unfortunately, their Ranger powers were stripped from them and scattered into space.

One year later, the heir to the Zedrian throne arrives with an army of his own and seeks revenge on the planet. Secretly following The Empire is Zador, the Phantom Ranger, who manages to stall their invasion for a short time.

Upon arriving on Earth, Zador sets his sights on finding a mystical object known as The Great Power before The Empire discovers its existence. To aid his quest, he selects five ordinary teenagers from Stone Canyon to harness the powers of the Ranger Keys and unlock their Ultimate Powers. Together, they will form the greatest team the universe has ever seen: the Power Rangers Morphing Masters.

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Reese Sakamoto/Red Master Ranger

Portrayed by Peter Adrian Sudarso. Reese is a military brat who has moved around his entire life, never sticking around in one place long enough to make friends. Because of this and his philosophy of always finishing what was started, he has a hard time committing to things. He doubts himself at times, but his tenacity and strong will have the potential to make him a great leader.

Baron Carpenter/Blue Master Ranger

Portrayed by Tai Mackenzie. Baron’s life revolves around sports: soccer in the summer, football in the fall, basketball in the winter, and baseball in the spring. He always pushes himself to do the best, although he can go too far at times. He is calm under pressure and has a serious demeanor about him.

Ava Kastillo/Yellow Master Ranger

Portrayed by Andrea Cortes. Ava may seem shy, but many underestimate her hotheadedness. Don’t get on her bad side, because she is fierce, headstrong, and not afraid to get her hands dirty. She is all about girl power: being beautiful while still being confident and able to kick butt.

Param "Parry" Tripathi/Green Master Ranger

Portrayed by Raihan Baqui. Parry doesn’t like being referred to as a “nerd”; he prefers the term “intellectually awesome”. While he has an IQ of 130 and is at the top of his class, he likes to play the class clown at times. Nevertheless, he and his brilliant mind always come through when it counts.

Sadie Hollister/Pink Master Ranger

Portrayed by Gigi Dubois. Sadie has it all: she’s president of student council, captain of the cheerleading squad, and her parents own one of the largest businesses in Stone Canyon. Despite her privileged upbringing, she remains both down-to-earth and compassionate. She doesn't like to take sides during arguments, preferring to mediate the situation.


Voiced by David Fielding. Zador, also known as the Phantom Ranger, was formerly an ally to the Turbo/Space Rangers. After the final battle between the forces of good and the Ultimate Alliance of Evil, Zador's whereabouts remained unknown until he returned to Earth in 2013. His activities during that time are also unknown, but he came into possession of the Ranger Keys and learned of The Great Power.


Voiced by Wendee Lee. Navot is Zador's faithful traveling companion and assistant. He is typically seen either monitoring for Zedrian forces or panicking and flying around during attacks. He insists he's essential in finding The Great Power much to the disbelief of everyone, except perhaps Zador.


Prince Warvil

Voiced by Kelson Henderson. Warvil is the heir to the Zedrian throne. Due to his royal upbringing, he is spoiled and has a very short temper when he doesn't get his way.


Voiced by James Gaylyn. Damaros is Warvil's chief of staff and right-hand man. Any advice he gives is either shot down or taken credit for by The Prince, much to his dismay.


Voiced by Barbara Goodson. Madiva is a scientist working for The Empire. Her main duty is designing battle weapons for the Zedrian forces.


Voiced by Andrew Laing. Viborg is a robotic master swordsman. His loyalty lies only with Prince Warvil.


Commanding robotic footsoldiers. They often lead groups of Goraks into battle and are capable of transforming into a battleship-like form.


Disposable robotic footsoldiers. They wield a dual club/gun weapon in battle.

Master Morpher

Allows the teens to harness the powers of the Ranger Keys. Doubles as a communication device for the team.

Ranger Keys

Receptacles of the Morphing Masters' powers. Following the Legendary Battle, the Veteran Rangers' powers became keys after scattering into space. Later found by Zador. They hold the key to unlocking The Great Power.

The Great Power

A mystical object sought after by Zador. Legend says it has the ability to alter the entire universe.

Power Blade

Standard melee weapon wielded by the Master Rangers.

Power Blaster

Standard long-range weapon wielded by the Master Rangers.

Galleon Zord

Piloted by the Red Master Ranger. Forms the torso and head of the Master Megazord. Also doubles as the team's command center.

Jet Zord

Piloted by the Blue Master Ranger. Forms the right arm of the Master Megazord.

Trailer Zord

Piloted by the Yellow Master Ranger. Forms the left leg of the Master Megazord.

Formula Zord

Piloted by the Green Master Ranger. Forms the right arm of the Master Megazord.

Sub Zord

Piloted by the Pink Master Ranger. Forms the right leg of the Master Megazord.

Master Megazord

The combined form of the Galleon, Jet, Trailer, Formula, and Sub Zords. Weilds the Galleon Sabers in battle.

Hello and welcome to the information/discussion thread of my fanfiction “Power Rangers Morphing Masters”. Ever since the last “The Power is Yours” competition on RangerVision I’ve had this idea in my head and after nearly a year of planning I’ve finally sat down and began writing it.

I went in to this with two goals in mind:
  1. To expand on the legends and lore of the Power Rangers universe. The title comes from the Morphing Masters, who were mentioned in the MMPR season 1 episode “Big Sisters”. Although briefly mentioned in passing by Zordon, this story will heavily revolve around them and their relation in the universe. The Phantom Ranger’s backstory, Zordon’s involvement with the Morphing Masters, the creation of the Morphing Grid, and much more will be explored.
  2. To tie-up certain loose ends and give several past Rangers some final closure and character development. A total of 50 Veteran Rangers will appear, as well as a handful of past allies and villains.

PRMM is essentially what I would have liked to seen in a (full) Gokaiger adaptation. Each chapter or “episode” is written around the story of a specific Gokai episode with brand new “fighting footage” to replace pre-Zyu teams and the core Dairangers.

Because Super Megaforce never happens in my story, the ending of Power Rangers Megaforce is retconned very similar to what happened in Goseiger. Vrak was the “big bad” of the season and was just another evil alien wanting the Earth for himself while using the Warstar, Toxic Mutants, and the robots as his pawns. He has no relation to The Empire in my story.

A new episode will be posted every Friday or Saturday, with episode 1 “Day of the Defenders Part I” being posted next week on March 6 or 7. When a new episode goes up, the spoiler tags above will be updated with any new vital information, so be wary of spoilers as time goes on. During the week leading up to release day, I will post previews for the next episode and also answer any questions you may have regarding the story.

So please leave any feedback (keep it constructive) or questions you may have. If you’re still reading this, thanks for sticking around and I hope you enjoy what I have in store!

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Default Re: The Power Rangers Morphing Masters Database

What has happen to the story? I would love to read it.
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