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Old 07/28/02, 01:06 PM   #1
Putty Patroller
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Default New Power Ranger Idea

You think they could do a Wild Force team up with all the other rangers like they did with Gao Ranger Vs. Super Sentai?Here what I thought up for who could be who.

Aquitian Rangers:( same people)

Zeo Rangers:
Zeo Ranger 1 Pink=Kimberiley
Zeo Ranger 2 Yellow=Aisha
Zeo Ranger 3 Blue=Rocky
Zeo Ranger 4 Green=Adam
Zeo Ranger 5 Red=Tommy(Clone)
Zeo Ranger 6 Gold=Jason

Turbo Rangers:( Same)

Space Rangers:( Same)

Galaxy Rangers:( same)

Lightspeed Rangers:( same)

Time Force Rangers:( same)

Wild Force Rangers:( same)
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Old 07/29/02, 01:36 PM   #2
Shadow Ranger
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I prefer the zeo rangers to be:

Zeo Ranger 1: Kimberly
Zeo Ranger 2: Kat
Zeo Ranger 3. Adam or Billy if he returns from Aquitar.
Zeo Ranger 4: Rocky
Zeo Ranger 5: Jason
Zeo Ranger 6, gold: Tommy

Just a idea I made up in my head. Just an imagination.
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Old 07/29/02, 03:16 PM   #3
Bison Zord
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Those lists really don't seem to fit well. If they did it like Gao VS Super Sentai, there'd have to be on Ranger from each series.
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