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Old 09/13/06, 10:46 PM   #1
Putty Patroller
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I guess this is more of a question the a topic. What do yall think of theses?

1) The first would would be a battle of the zords. It would be a fighting and as you go through the game you would unlock more zords. AKA dragon zord, mega zord

2) A power Ranger MMORPG were you can play as any season of the rangers.
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Old 09/14/06, 01:29 AM   #2
Putty Patroller
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Hmmm... Interesting...

I always thought a Power Rangers game could be fun. I had always pictured a nice well rounded 3D fighting system with a talk/action button for interacting with people around Angel Grove, both morphed and unmorphed.

I'd honestly base it around Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, with a few updates for different reasons. Each character would have their own strengths at whatever level they're at, as well as a full compliment of martial arts and ranger powers.

Character Name -- Normal Skills -- Morphed Skills -- Zord Skill
Zack -- Area Moves -- Axe-Cannon and Healing-- Freezing
Kimberly -- Acrobatic Dodging -- Ranged and Criticals -- Flight
Billy -- Luck -- Reach and Strength -- Unstoppable Charge
Trini -- Counters -- Dual Moves and Speed-- Agilty
Jason -- Well Rounded -- Well Rounded -- Fighting Style
Tommy -- Combos -- Tough -- Fighting Style

You can unlock other characters and powers (Movie Suits, Metallic Suits) and gadgets as you battle Rita, Zedd, Ooze and Vile.

On your stuff:

1) Controlling the Megazord is hard work, I've played games where one person controls the movement and another the shooting... those were fun. Imho, One person should control the Megazord's jumping and flying, while another controls the hand to hand fighting, another controls the constatnly going range weapons, while another 'buff's the group and calls weapons and shifts modes. Since it's a videogame, there's no actual fifth person, but if there were, they'd be working on finding the enemies' weakness.

I think unlocking the Megazord as you build your team could be cool. That sounds fun.

2) Power Ranger MMO? I don't think that'd be wise... There's only been about 15 Ranger teams, and at 6 a pop that's around 90 Rangers... that's a lot until you think that a MMO has around 2000 players on at a time... that's just not enough characters. I do think Angel Grove should be open and free roaming.

I think a multiplayer networkable game for Power Rangers would be better, that way, you can play it alone without paying money, and then you can log on, like you would with Halo, and find teammates to battle Rita and Zedd with you.

It could be based on any season of Rangers, and should be based on multiple ones, I just thought MMPR could be easier. I personally would prefer one based on SPD or In Space. I just think it's unrealistic to put 90 playable characters and ten different cities into one game.
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Old 09/15/06, 03:31 PM   #3
Power Ranger
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and they should give options to morph and demorph when you want to.
hypster isp that jet li in power rangers or you messt with pictures.
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