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Default Re: Power Rangers Reloaded

At her palace Rita, and her minions were having drinks, and celebrating their apparent conquest of Angel Grove, and Earth. Rita was looking out her telescope, and said "So Zordon's really scrapping the bottom of the barrel now if he thinks Tommy can help".

Goldar agreed "Yes my wickedness you forced him to sacrifice all of his powers. There's no way he can get back the Power Coins". Rita then ordered "Good but just in case I want you, and Scropina to stay in Angel Grove park, and guard the Power Coins".

Goldar complied "It shall be done oh awful one". Rita then turned to Finster, and ordered "And as for you Finster just in case the Rangers do get their coins, and start getting funny ideas about breaking into the Dark Dimension I want you recreate every single monster you have ever made in order to prevent them".

Finster stroke his beard, and asked "All of them?". Rita yelled "Yes now". Finster said "Well all right then". He got every book off his bookshelf then opened them, and made every monster on every page. Then he loaded each of the molds onto the conveyor belt of the Monster Matic. Finster then said "Monster Matic at max capacity, and full power".

Then the Monster Matic exploded as one by one all of Rita's monsters came forth from it. Gnarly Gnome, Pudgy Pig, Polluticorn, all of Rita's creatures had been recreated, and teleported to the Dark Dimension.

Then Rita tried to hug Thrax but he jumped away as soon as she touched him. Rita asked "What's wrong Thrax why don't you want to hug you mom". Thrax explained "Sorry mom it's just I've been in the land of the dead for 10,000,000 years. When you've been dead that long, and then brought back to life even the smallest bit of warmth can feel like the core of a super massive super nova". Rita just frowned.
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