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Sounds cool to me I would like to see that.

You know how a lot of folks do "this is how I would have done (insert season here)" fics well I'm thinking of doing something like that but for VR Troopers which is for the most part story wise the same as the VR Troopers we did get but with 3 maybe 4 seasons, and with Juspion, Gavan, and Sharivan being adapted as well.

For Gavan, and Sharivan, well I read Zane's Virtual Homecoming fic where Tommy finds out he's Ryan's long lost brother, and he becomes a VR Trooper as well

And I wanted to do something similar where Tommy, and David both find out they're Ryan's long lost brothers, and Tommy becomes Gavan, and David becomes Sharivan.

But I had trouble figuring out how that would fit into the timeline since Tommy didn't leave until halfway into Turbo, and VR Troopers ended right around when Zeo came out.

But then I thought maybe I could make them new character who are similar to Tommy, and David so that's what I went with.

As for Juspion I was having a hard time figuring out who I thought he should be but then PRangerX had this thread where he mentioned that when he saw The Virtual Spy he thought that Jeremy would turn out to be a real person, and later join the Troopers.

And the weird thing is that actually sounded good since I already wanted to have Amy from Rise of The Red Python be Helen Lady, and just give her purple armor instead of Kaitlin having a clone so I thought why not do the same with Jeremy.

And my solution was simply to save The Virtual Spy for a later season, and take any parts from Juspion that have Mad Gallant but not Juspion, and have it where Jeremy starts out as an evil VR Trooper called the Dark Knight who's Mad Gallant.

But Jeremy is later cured, and becomes Juspion but Grimlord still has some of Jeremy's DNA, and uses it to create a new Dark Knight for the parts where Juspion fights Mad Gallant, and do the same thing with Amy, and The Red Python for when Amy becomes Helen Lady.

Now here's what I'm trying to think out At first I wanted to do it like the VR Troopers we did get for the first 2 seasons, and then bring in Juspion, Gavan, and Sharivan all at once.

But then I thought maybe I should have it where VR Troopers only used one monster an episode but still used both Metalder, and Spielban at the same time, and season 1 ends with Defending Dark Heart.

And season 2 being the episodes after it but before Quest for Power with Rise of The Red Python as season long arc, and bring in Juspion,

And then have Season 3 be like the season 2 we did get with Ryan as Shaider but also have Gavan, and Sharivan.

So what I'm trying to figure out is how should I make that all work since this may sound weird but I don't want to make it too long since I want to have it where if I decide to do PR, and Saban's other superhero shows I can have not just the Zordon era but all of Saban's superhero shows end around or before Coundown to Destruction

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