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Default Power Rangers Morphinverse

So I'm thinking of writing my own Ultimate/Revisited version of Power Rangers Season One that I'm currently calling Power Rangers Morphinverse.

Right Now I just have a basic idea for it based on what I've seen of Zyuranger, and the real Power Rangers Season One.

Power Rangers Morphinverse Season One (Power Rangers Dino)

Synopsis: Once upon a 10,000,000 years ago Earth was in the middle of a wondrous age. The dinosaurs were still around. Humans had just appeared. As did creatures we now regard as mythological. And what we now know as Antarctica was once the shining empire of Atlantis colonized by peaceful beings from Earth, and all the peaceful planets of our universe.

But one terrible day various beings from Earth, and other planets turned to evil, and went on mad crusades to conquer the universe. And few of these evil beings were as powerful, and as evil as the sorceress Rita Repulsa a maniacal witch who despised things like goodness, and innocence so much that she lead an army of evil mythological beings to destroy all who had those things especially children, and eventually because of this she drove dinosaurs, and mythological beings to extinction, and destroyed Atlantis.

But there was hope for her evil was not unimpeded. For you see a kind, and wise wizard known as Zordon helped to found an intergalactic legion of heroes who combined the most ancient magic with the most advanced technology giving them amazing weapons, abilities, and vehicles. These heroes were known as Power Rangers.

Zordon went to Earth, and from each of the five tribes of Atlantis he recruited their bravest, wisest, and noble warrior, and he gave them the power of the mighty dinosaurs they worshiped turning them into the Power Rangers of Earth each powered their guardian dinosaur. the Tyrannosaurus, the Mastadon, the Triceratops, the Sabre Toothed Tiger, and the Pterodactyl.

Eventually Zordon, and his Rangers were able to seal Rita Replusa, and her minions in a dumpster like prison where they were condemned to an eternity of immortality but without the ability to interact with the outside world. But this was not without sacrifice for not did Zordon's Rangers ultimately give up their lives but Zordon himself was trapped in a time warp forcing his mechanical assistant Alpha 5 to spend 10,000,000 long years trying to find him.

In modern times a pair of astronauts found Rita's prison, and accidentally freed Rita, and her minions, and now she once again continues her mad crusade to destroy all life on Earth but thankfully Alpha 5 has found Zordon, and although he can't be fully returned from the time warp he has found five direct descendants of his ancient Ranger team in the form of a group of seemingly ordinary teenagers named Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly.

Revealing to them the secrets of the past, and their own ancestors Zordon gives the five friends the Powers of his last team of Rangers such as the Power Weapons mystical swords, axes, lances, daggers, and bows that can combine to form a devastating plasma cannon called the Power Blaster, and Zords mighty, and ferocious robotic dinosaurs that combine to become a powerful, and noble robot knight called a Megazord.

Using these wondrous abilities the five teenagers are Earth's only hope to prevent Rita Repulsa from finishing what she started eons ago, and destroying Earth, But will their greatest threat end up coming from one of their own? or will he be the key to fulfilling Zordom's prophecy of putting an end to Rita's evil ways.

Anyway that's it for now but I'm still working on it.

I should point out right now that I'm not doing every episode just ones that I either think are important or I just really want to change.

But when I get to where I can start posting episodes I'll try to post them on a regular basis.

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