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Old 10/13/02, 08:31 PM   #11
Power Ranger
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A problem with theory 1, good ad it is. When Jason, Zach and Trini left the Command Center, they said Power Up, and a flash of light from where there coins were flashed and remained behind. I guess this was the last of their powers leaving them to go back to the Morphin Grid and back to the new rangers.
But I don;t know. I'm just guessing.

Personally, I stick with Theory 2.

And did anyone else notice the scale of the all new Serphanterra. Cool as the digital effects were, it was too small!!
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Old 10/14/02, 10:50 AM   #12
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Yah, but like I said, if he still had the coin when he left, even if it was powerless, it may have been reactivated when the other was destroyed. As for serpentera, it was way to small, that thing stood on Tor like it was a can of beans to us.
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Old 10/14/02, 02:17 PM   #13
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Default Forever Red

Did anyone notice that Jason and Tommy gained someweight? Even Andros is a little bigger than he used to be.
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Old 10/15/02, 10:28 PM   #14
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Yeah I noticed that. Too bad time hasn't been good to Andros.
should Jason have been so cocky to Cole when they were fighting the remnant of the machine empire?
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Old 10/18/02, 04:00 PM   #15
Bison Zord
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They probably reforeged the coin. They've had seven seasons to do so.
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Old 11/02/02, 05:14 PM   #16
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Default Red Powers

I've always assumed that the Z-Wave (Zordon's energy/life force) that was released when Andros killed him was so powerful that it not only turned evil good, but fully restored any and all powers that have been. Keep this in mind; When Zordon was alive he was able to temporarily restore Tommy's powers and that was using only a fraction of his life force. If the Z-Wave was powerful enough to turn all evil good within the majority of galaxies, then I think it was also able to restore all powers. This would explain why TJ was back too (because there's no mention of him getting powers back the way Justin did). So in theory, all powers are restored and could potentially goto anyone new. I remain confident that it was the Z-Wave; certain powers were lost for some time (Dino, Ninjetti, Turbo) some not used for some time (Zeo), but the items that HARNESSED the power still remained, they just were drained of energy (ie, the power coins still existed but couldn't do much, such as Tommy's Green coin given to Jason and Adam's original morpher). The one thing I don't understand is why Cole was saying Tommy is the greatest ranger. . .we all somewhat agree, BUT Tommy didn't do anything out of the ordinary in FR, if anything Cole did the most by destroying Serpentara; it definately should have been a 2-parter. Oh, and nice to see everyone again, I hope people will finally start posting again.
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Old 07/25/03, 05:31 PM   #17
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Default Re: Red Powers

Question 4 U. Why was Rocky part of the Group of Red Rangers, if the power was transfered to him through that sword that the Rangers retrieved. It was great to see the Astro Megaship again. Was there an Alpha on board, or did alpha 6 stay on Mirinoi with the Galaxy Rangers?
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Old 11/15/03, 02:09 AM   #18
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Default Re: Red Powers

The powers could have been rebuilt. Turbo, LR, NS & some day TF all had powers that were built.
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Old 10/19/14, 12:37 PM   #19
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Default Re: Forever Red

I think Ranger fans have always read too much into Forever Red's plot holes. The special was supposed to be a special team up and it succeeded in that regard. With a half and hour there wasnt enough time for a lot of exposition. Plus it kinda makes the episode more legendary since fans can use their imagination to feel in gaps.

Aparently, Amit intended for Jason to have gotten his powers back from the evil Red Ranger in the comics. TJ got his powers back from Lightening Cruiser just like Justin did with Mountain Blaster. Which is pretty plausible. Amit wanted to have Rocky make a cameo as Tommy's butler but the actor couldnt be found at the time. The plan was to have a multiparter but it wasn't aloud in budget.

And really we know now that the Zeo Powers didnt becomr the Turbo Powers so it probably wasnt that hard for Tommy to get them back.
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Old 10/19/14, 12:44 PM   #20
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Default Re: Forever Red

Originally Posted by Red Tulip Ranger View Post
I heard it would take much longer before this episode would air then people originally thought (two or three eps after RftF) and it would be sometimes during october now??
This was always an interesting decision. We do know that Amit did this on purpose since he considered Eric a Red Ranger.

It makes sense when you think about it since Time Fire was a reversed engineered version of Time Red in Timeranger. Plus the rivalery between Wes and Eric and their friendship makes it seem right. They needed a tenth Red for the team up anyway. And didnt want to use Ninja Rocky.
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