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Default Re: VR Troopers Fanart

I decided to something non VR Troopers related for a change Black Ryuchi Ranger on Rangerboard asked if someone could make them a White RPM Ranger based on a white Speedor toy they saw in a Japanese toy magazine so I made it for them

Then there's this one it's weird but I always wondered why they gave Zedd's Dark Rangers ski masks when I could be wrong but I seem to remember the crystal that gave them their powers was powered by the last of Tommy's Green Ranger Powers.

And on VR Troopers they had the repainted Red Ranger helmets when they transformed into Battle Grid troopers despite having powers unrelated to the Power Rangers.

So I decided to do Zedd's Dark Rangers with repainted Green Ranger helmets

If anyone has any requests let me know, and I'll make them.

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