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Default Re: Has Andros joined SPD?

It'd make sense since S.P.D. was developing Ranger technology already in its early days. One, IT being called Space Patrol Delta and Andros being the Red Space Ranger. Two, in the "History" episode, Kat seems to easily know about and locate the video history archives of the Dino Thunder Rangers. My guess is that Tommy and Andros took Tommy's Ranger video diary and put it to good use. Add Wes who is just a phone call away from his own team in the 31st century and you've got Tommy's little Ranger video converted into a detailed and accurate Ranger history video that's totally integrated into S.P.D.'s database.

Three, yeah... Karone WAS Astronema and as Astronema, she did do a lot of crimes and her brother isn't enetral. So in case where he passes away before she does, guess how's she covered and by whom.
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