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Default Re: Would Digi-Egg switches have been good?

Originally Posted by JungleFury Cat View Post
That's a real interesting idea. Was Magnamon the result of a golden digiegg, or the crest of Kindness in the form of a golden digiegg? Ken never used his crest with a tag. Nor did he armor energize ever. Could the 8 digi-destined's crests become golden digieggs for the 5 of them to armor digivolve more? I think they gave their crest powers away though. I guess it would make more sense switching and adding power to digieggs.

It would have been exciting if some of the older children could have armor digivolved in the beginning of the season, but I don't know how much sense that would make. I also don't know how many more Digimon would be too many characters, but I think it would have been fun to see a little more.
yes the Crest powers had been released but as I recall, Azulongmon restored their partners' abilities to digivolve to Ultimate and beyond.
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