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Default Re: Power Rangers Reloaded

Trini then asked still in doubt “But what does all this have to do with us?” Zordon then explained “You five are direct descendants of my last team of Power Rangers, and as such only you can inherit their magnificent legacy, and save your planet”.

Then the belt buckle like devices with the dinosaur engraved coins appeared on the five teenagers. Zordon explained “Those are your Power Morphers if you or anyone else is in danger raise them out in front of you calling out the name of your dinosaur, and you will morph into the new Power Rangers”.

“Morph?” Kimberly asked still confused. Billy then explained “Metamorphosis” but Kimberly was still confused until Trini explained “That means to change”, and Kimberly nodded, and Zordon explained as Power Rangers you will have access to a universe of power, and will command a fleet of fighting machines called Zords” but Trini asked “I still don’t get it”.

Zordon showed them a red robotic Tyrannosaurus, and said “Jason bold, and powerful you shall command the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord”. Then a black robotic Mastodon “Zachary clever, and brave you shall command the Mastodon Dinozord. Then a pink robotic Pterodactyl “Kimberly graceful, and smart the Pterodactyl Dinozord shall be yours”. Then a blue robotic Triceratops “Billy patient, and wise you shall command the powerful Triceratops Dinozord”., and finally yellow robotic Sabre Tooth Tiger “Trini graceful, and agile the Sabre Tooth Tiger Dinozord shall be under your command”.

Then Zordon showed them a giant tank made from their Zords which then transformed into a giant robot knight, and Zordon explained “Just you five work together so do your zords. When you need help you need only look to the power of the Dinozords, and they will come together to form the Mighty Megazord”.

But Zack was still skeptical “Power Morphers? Megazords? Atlantis? Magical creatures? Evil space aliens? Uh uh this is too weird. I’ll tell you what it’s been real but I gotta go”. Kimberly agreed “Yeah see ya”. Then all of them except Jason started leaving, and Zack said “Ya all coming” but Jason was still taking in what Zordon was saying so Zack asked “Jason?” which brought him back long enough to answer “What?” to which Zack answered “You coming?”, and Jason answered “Yeah”, and left with them.

But before they left Zordon cried out “Wait before you go there is something you must see”. Then the viewing globe showed the two astronauts in their spaceship in Rita’s palace with the magnifying glass getting closer to burning the string, and dropping the mace. Trini then cried “Oh no”. Then Zordon explained “As you can see Rita is holding the NASADA astronauts who freed her hostage, only you as the Power Rangers can save them”.
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