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Default Re: Power Rangers Reloaded

Zordon showed some images of a primitive civilization alongside some very futuristic robotic dinosaurs, and Zordon further explained “I came to your planet, and I looked to the five clans of Atlantis to find the most powerful, brave, and wise warriors to become Earth’s team of Power Rangers, and I succeeded”.

Zordon showed them images of the five warriors four young men in red, black, blue, and yellow, and one young woman in pink, and explained “I found Prince Yamato of the Tyrannosaurus clan, Prince Sharma of the Mastodon clan, Prince Etoffe of the Triceratops clan, Prince Daim of the Sabre Tooth Tiger clan, and Princess Rinshiya of the Pterodactyl clan”.

Then Zordon showed them an elderly looking Asian man in white clothes carrying another giant scepter but his had a strange spikey spiral shape. The man also had five coins with what looked like the images of various prehistoric creatures on them that he then gave the five warriors, and Zordon explained “I then gave them the mystical medallions called the Power Coins each Power Coin was infused with the power of each clan’s respective dinosaurs”.

Then the warriors put the coins into various belt buckle like devices, and calling out the names of their respective dinosaurs, and getting their own spandex suits, and helmets. Prince Yamato got a red suit based on the Tyrannosaurus, Prince Sharma got a black suit based on a Mastodon, Prince Etoff got a blue suit based on a Tricertops, Prince Daim got a yellow suit based on a Sabre Tooth Tiger, and Princess Rinshiya got a pink suit based on a Pterodactyl.

Zordon then showed his rangers storming into Rita’s castle, and beaming down the dumpster like prison which then opened up, and fired white light at Rita, and her minions which turned them into white light, sucked them up, and closed itself. Zordon explained “Eventually my rangers were able to finally trap Rita in a space dumpster, and trap her on the moon”.

Then Zordon showed Rita casting a spell, and himself being wrapped in some weird rope made from some weird translucent blue plastic like substance, and then some images of some skeletons dressed like his rangers. Which Zordon sadly explained “But victory was not without sacrifice for not only was I banished to a time warp forever but my rangers ultimately gave their own lives for the cause”.
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