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Default Re: Power Rangers Reloaded

The five friends turned to the viewing globe which then show themed various images from various civilizations, some ancient looking, some futuristic but all were beautiful, and peaceful looking.

Zordon then explained “Once upon a time the universe was in a wondrous age. Almost every planet in the universe was inhabited, and almost every civilization lived in peace.”

Then Zordon showed them some images of primitive early civilizations, and dinosaurs, and creatures the five friends believed to be myths like dragons, and unicorns. “Your planet in particular was home to a variety of wondrous creatures such as dinosaurs”.

Then the viewing globe displayed images of demonic looking creatures attacking, and destroying the various civilizations. “But where there is light there is darkness, and one terrible day numerous beings turned to evil, and began mad crusades to control the very universe itself”.

Then Zordon showed them images of Rita, her minions, and what looked like an army of sentient humanoid statues running amok. Zordon explained “But few were as powerful, and evil as Rita Repulsa. Along with her sentient clay foot soldiers, and her army of evil magical beings she laid waste to what you humans called Atlantis, and brought dinosaurs, and magical beings to extinction”.

Then he showed them images of various groups of people in colorful spandex, and helmets along with various matching vehicles that would combine to form giant robot knights. “But the evil of Rita, and other beings would not go unopposed for various peace loving beings from Earth, and other planets got together using the most ancient magic, alongside the most advanced technology to become of legion of heroes known throughout out the universe as the Power Rangers”.
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