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Default Re: Power Rangers Reloaded

Back at the Command Center Alpha was watching the events transpire on the viewing globe, and going “Aye ye ye we’re too late Zordon Rita, and her minions are free”.

Zordon then tried to calm him down with “Patch me into the Holographic Projector, and let me see if I can reason with her”. Then Alpha once again pushed some buttons on a console, and the image of Zordon’s face appeared in the skies over Angel Grove.

“Rita Repulsa” Zordon called out “On behalf of Earth, Eltar, and all the peaceful planets of the universe I beseech you. Earth is a planet of peace, love, and hope there is nothing left for you here. Turn back now to your empire of dead worlds, and leave Earth alone”.

“Ahh Zordon I see being trapped in a time warp for 10,000,000 years hasn’t done your brain any favors” Rita mocked “You, and what army as I see your still trapped in that time warp, and I wiped out your pathetic champions eons ago you’ve got nothing’. Then Rita went back to laughing maniacally.

At the Command Center Alpha inquired worriedly “Now what Zordon” to which Zordon answered solemnly “There’s only one option left find five humans who’s DNA signatures match those of our previous team of Power Rangers, and see if they will volunteer to help stop Rita, and save the Astronauts”.Then Alpha pushed some more buttons on the console.
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