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Default Re: Power Rangers Reloaded

Back on the moon the astronauts had just about removed the lid on the space dumpster, and as soon as they did a geyser of lights emanated from the Dumpster, and the lights solidified the form of four creatures.

A ferocious humanoid panther like creature in gold armor with black falcon like wings, a bat like humanoid creature with a white human like face, and a monocle, a blue pig like humanoid creature in black, and silver armor, and a white creature with elf like ears, and a strange half mammal half reptile like face.

The blue pig like creature cheered “Oh right we’re out” then he went back to the space dumpster, and pleaded “Wake up Rita wake up we’re free”, and out of the space dumpster came what looked like an elderly Asian woman in a brown dress with white pointy hair who yawned, and the blue pig like creature went “Ooh morning breath”, and looked through it’s satchel.

While the white creature just shook it’s head, and said contently “It’s good to be free after 10,000,000 years”. Then the bat like creature went up to Rita who was now wielding a giant gold scepter with a giant round ruby in it, and said obediently “Let me help your evilness. Come on walk with talk with me”.

Then Rita said angrily “You imbecile you made me step in a puddle. Get out of my way monkey face”. Then she took her scepter, and shot energy beams at the dumpster destroying it.

The Astronauts tried to flee for their lives but Rita mockingly “Oh don’t leave you’ll miss my coming out party that’s when I destroy the nearest planet” as she pointed to Earth then she turned her attention back to the Astronauts, and said menacingly “But first how about a token of my gratitude” as she quite literally blew them away off into space.
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