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Karone was my favorite. Same reason as everyone else. She was hot and was a previous villain. Kendrix was alright I guess but she just came off as weird. Damon will never be remembered. Kai was kind of so-so. He was there but he didn't stand out. He was just there to yell at Leo. Maya was kind of cool. She was the one who liked nature and was very in tune with animals and such. Mike had good leadership and he sacrificed himself. But he kind of came off to me as a dick in the beginning. Its nothing but, "no baby brother, go home." Leo was...just Leo.

This series was so weird... I mean, who in the world was the leader? Leo was always the center as the red ranger but, as much as everyone may disagree, he was no leader. He was willing to do what he needed but he was no leader what so ever. He was just following in Andros' footsteps. He wanted to run off and do things on his own. He couldn't even finish Trakeena in the final battle. He wore a damaged suit like a hero would do if they had went through a difficult fight and won, but he hadn't won anything. So he had to go beg the Lightspeed rangers for help. Andros would have killed him if he knew Leo was responsible for destroying the Megaship.

Mike was a better leader but half the time he wasn't with everyone.

The only decent zord in the series was the Torozord. The rest were awful. I dont remember how many times the Galaxy Megazord lost. Even in the Lightspeed/Lost Galaxy team up, it couldn't hang in the fight with the Omega Megazord in the battle against Trakeena.
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