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MattEmily 02/28/18 08:54 PM

Jeff Franklin Fired
Variety is reporting that Netflix has fired Jeff Franklin due to misconduct.


Kimberly Hart 02/28/18 09:35 PM

Re: Jeff Franklin Fired
Very shockingly. But if those claims are true they have to make the move.

I have really been enjoying Fuller House but the seriousness of these complaints is more important.

Red Eagle Ranger 02/28/18 09:54 PM

Re: Jeff Franklin Fired
Its sad but nothing surprises me anymore.

MattEmily 06/11/21 10:38 AM

Re: Jeff Franklin Fired
Looks like there was a recent update to this even with Fuller House being over.

You can check out the source below but allegedly he's claiming Behar (the 1 that replaced him as the showrunner) set up an elaborate plan to get him fired without credible evidence or a factual investigation into the claims


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