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Phantom/Ranger 09/09/06 08:22 AM

Dont know if anyone interested/ if you know but archie aka kai blue galaxy ranger.
has been in csi:crime scene investergation. few seasons now

jenniferc 09/10/06 11:38 PM

i love watch csi. i like see archie on csi. i wish he go out csi thing like what cat and sara did that
will be cool beside computer.

Ryu Dairenjaa 09/11/06 03:10 PM

Have'nt seen CSI in ages, But I thought he looked familiar,

SBaby 10/04/06 01:28 AM

Holy... You're right! I never even thought of that... That IS the same guy! So now we can officially say that someone from Power Rangers has made it into a police drama.

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