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12/13/14, 04:40 PM
I watched the finale episode and OMG! Just imagine if this is what we got as our sailor moon back in the day it would have been so much better. I was literally like jumping out of seat! It respected the original sailor moon in so many ways, while the previous dub watered it down so much that it shamed the story.

12/13/14, 04:42 PM
I don't think I would have liked SM half as much as I did if the old dub was like this. Sure, Cloverway's dub was 'faithful' to the original, but it still tried to retain the '90s humor that the original dub put forward. The old dub was funny. This new one, though... It took one of my favorite dubbed episodes and sucked the humor out of it.

I'll have to watch both versions back-to-back to see if I'm judging the new one too harshly, but it just seems like the new one is trying to be too serious. It's like early Turbo: You have wacky Carranger footage, and you're overlaying a serious doomsday plot over top of it.

12/13/14, 04:47 PM
But that's the way it plays out in the original. Maybe it's me but there is still humor in the new dub. My favorite sceneso far is "Usagi introducing Mako to Ami and Rei.

I will agree though that I miss some of the funny lines that DiC used to cover up otherwise objectionable scenes. Like the scene where Usagi is daydreaming so hard she almost kissed Mako. The more faithful script does explain some confusing scenes though.
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