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09/16/14, 10:17 PM
Here's the discussion thread for the new episode that Canal J (a France channel) will be airing on Thursday.

The U.S. Nickelodeon channel likely won't be airing it until October 25th.

09/21/14, 01:32 AM
Posted on 9/18.

Posted by YellowAccel

Episode 17:

- In the previous episode...
- Vrak mention the Sky, Land and Sea drills.
- Vrak send Drill Horn but Robo Knight want to kill the Power Rangers himself.
- Gia use a Power Card to destruct the drill but it doesn't work. Vrak and Robo Knight arrives.
- Troy try to talk to Robo Knight and refuses to fight him.
- Emma pilot the Gosei Ultimate alone and try to destroy the Land Drill but it doesn't work. Troy mentionned when she pilot it in one of the previous episode.
- Troy use the Ultra Mode to fight Robo Knight and save him. Gia, Jake and Noah use the Ultra Mode to fight Drill Horn. But it's a trap like in the previous episode.
- Troy use an attack called "Ultra Whip". Troy lose his Ultra Mode. He say it was "destroyed" RK. Doubt it's really destroyed though.
- Emma save Gia, Jake and Noah. The monster becomes giant and the rangers use the Gosei Ultimate to fight him (without Troy).
- Troy is hurt and demorph. Nice unmorphed fights.
- Drill Horn is destroyed.
- The others Rangers arrives but Troy told them to stay away.
- Troy punch RK and save him (like in one of the previous trailer). RK thanks Troy.
- Noah want to send RK to the Command Center but Vrak's third drill appear.
- RK run away saying he have to do something alone.
- Seems like there is a RK's key.
- Robo Knight give his life to save Orion and destroy Vrak's base.
- The Rangers fight against Vrak but they can't defeat him.
- The eclipse start. Troy use the power of the eclipse to defeat Vrak.
- The Rangers found Orion on the beach where Robo Knight disspapeared in Megaforce.
- At the command center, Orion say Robo Knight gave him is vital force to save him. RIP Robo Knight.

11/01/14, 08:03 PM
'Vrak Is Back, Part 2' is a good episode. Vrak may show how cunning he is, but he made one mistake. He forgot how stubborn the Megaforce Rangers could be. I just wish that the Armada made an appearance in this episode, even if it was only to watch the battle between Vrak and the Megaforce Ranger.