View Full Version : Digimon Savers: Episode 17 Chat

08/08/06, 10:14 PM
Weee!??This one was fun.??Yoshino has a bad dream about screwing up at her piano recital, shaking her confidence as a DATS officer.??And getting over her stage fright was when she first met Budmon!

Loved the Ikuto fight.??The boy wanted some big-time revenge for catching Yoshino's Digi-cold, and he seriously took it to the big kids.??Masaru taking him on solo was even better, you could clearly see how Masaru was trying to communicate with Ikuto through the battle.??The camera angles made it all the better.

I liked that Gotsumon got to do something, from finding the kids in the canyon to making sure Mammothmon was in a bad mood, makes him seem more evil than just plain subservient to Mercurimon.

And of course Lalamon's Digivolution was awesome.??I personally think her transformation sequence was better than both RiseGreymon and MachGaogamon's, especially when Lalamon turns around and shows Lilamon's face.??What I don't like is that yet again the Digimon shot straight from Rookie to Ultimate, making it seem like they're Digivolving just to keep up with Agumon rather than because they need to win the fight.

Anyway, I thought this was the most intriguing episode since they arrived in the Digital World.??Now we wait to watch the old fisherman and Kamemon kick some Mercurimon rump.??Should be a lot of fun.