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06/04/05, 07:40 PM
Discuss Recognition here.

06/05/05, 12:19 AM
A very great episode. I thought Transformed Sky didn't utilize his new abilities enough, as he was a "monster", after all. Last I checked, nearly every monster did have an eye laser. I can't think of any specific ones on the top of my head(that's what happens when you run your own Psycho Rangers sect and don't concentrate on Power Rangers enough)

06/05/05, 02:43 AM
Totally loved this chapter. One of the best SPD chapters I've seen so far, and once again Sky proves to be a fantastic ranger, best blue ranger ever, possibly:smokin .

06/06/05, 10:01 PM
I spent a good part of the first 15 minutes shaking my head, raising my eyebrow, and laughing but you know all in all it was a good episode. I liked it.8o

Kamen Rider Decade
06/07/05, 09:14 AM
Crappy carbon copy. I thought it was stupid when Deka did it, at least Deka didn't retard it up like PR.

Yuki Fukurou
06/07/05, 07:19 PM
Interesting...but at the same time...kinda dumb.

I have to agree w/the quotes Primal. Makes a lot of sense.