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Okay just winging it here. I know it will need editing and the ideas reworked but i just sat here for a half hour just typeing the base Idea out. I don't know what to call it yet but I'm sure something will pop up. I think I'll call it Elements.

Elemental Rangers part 1 White Ranger of LIfe.

A desert village being blasted by a dust storm. The in habitiants are hideing inside as they should. A man is walking through the storm. You can barely see him. He walks up to the frist hut he spots. He pushes his way inside. Now standing there in front of a old man. He tower overs the man wearing all black and a mask covering his face.

In a muffled voice The stranger speaks."Old man I'm looking for the caves of Nitcitadel. Where are they?"

The old man tiredsome and weak. He stands and sighs. "Young man." He says sarcasticly."If your looking for those caves your going to have quite the trouble in finding them." He moves over towards a desk."You see those caves after a thousand years i've spent looking for them and still nothing."

The stranger pulls his mask off. His long black hair drops down infront of his face."Then the legends are true. I never dreament of seeing you here. I've been searching for three hundred years. Being tied to destiny does and doesn't have there perks."

The old man looks towards him. " So your the current barer of the Black gauntlets then?"

The man stands there now with a sad look apon his face." Sadly I am. I needed the power to save lives. It was the only way. I fear soon some other poor soul will have the same fate as we both have."

The old man walks over to him. "Reason for wearing the gauntlets is for each barer alone. The curse of a slow life is for us all i'm afraid. A thousand years ago I gave up those gauntlets to anther thinking I would be free from the curse but as you can see I'm still alive." The old man walks over to the window again. He looks out the storm has died down. "The caves are rumored to be somewhere in the mountains to the south. It is said that only someone with a truely pure heart may find them." The old man says slowly. " I hope you can find those mountains and free yourself from this curse. So you may one day live a normal life again."

The Young man still not knowing this mans name just can feel that bond that he once wore those gauntlets he wears to this day. He just places his mask back on and walks out of the hut. He heads south from the village as the old man has instructed him to do. The old man stares out of his window watching the man leave. Slowly he fades from his sight. Then nothing.

10.000 years later on a sciencetific study of an ancent village. A boy is playing with some friends. HIs father is a worker for the group digging up the sand and dirt. The boy and his friends run off. They run into a near by dig. It has been abandoned for the time being. He wonders further into the dig sight. He makes his way into an empty room. Its old and the walls don't look to stable. The floor seems solid enough. He doesn't think and he walks up to the furtherst wall. The floor gives way and he falls. He is knocked cold. After a few hours of being out. He awakens on the floor that gave way. He shakes it off and then heads home. His father asked him where he was he just said he passed out.

Ten years after the fall. The kid is now grown. He started to have dreams about three years ago. The same one over and over. The dream was of him falling forever and never hitting the bottom of the pit. He just never know what it ment. He didn't understand. He just lived his life like any normal kid.

"Finally." A voice rang acrossed a empty room. "Finally i've been released from my prison. After a million years i've been freed." Torches seem to light at that moment. A figure slowly crawls across the floor. The room starts out dim but slowly gets brighter. The figure wearing all black armor stands up. He speaks again "Finally I can take revenge on this world. Imprisoning me for tring to rule this planet. Tring to tame it under my grasps. Soon I'll reform my army. Soon I will have my Genrals back at my side. I must find those who are worthy to bare this power.

A disfigured creature slowly walks forward. It seemed to be once a man but after mutations he stands there now deformed and seems to have a evil grin on his face. "My lord. We have been able to locate the remainder of the genrals powers. We have yet to aquire them. It seems that...."

"Enough, Severta. I'm well aware of what has been going on." The armored man says. "With my defeat all those years ago. I slowly learned how to communcate with beings. I've learned a thing or two in my exiles. As you are aware. I'm very greatful for you finding my location. You poor demented being." He walks over to him. "Never say loyality to me is not rewarded." He holds out his hand and a white light comes from it projecting towards the deformed man. It engulfs the man slowly his body reshapes itself looking more and more like a human. Then after a minute the white light disappears. The man stands and he looks normal. "I have work for you to do. I'm not at full strength so I can not take my place on earth just yet. you must hunt down and find the those who imprisoned me. I have a feeling they or a form of them will again arise and face me. Destory them Take their powers and bring them back to me."

The man now standing there very hansome and stunning just bows. "yes my lord it will be done." He leaves after this.

The boy who had those dreams has anther one. This time when he awakes from falling he's in a dark room. Dust and dirt surrounds him. He thinks he's still dreaming. Then He hears a voice. "Araise Jospeh. I've waited a long time to see you again. It has been man years. The last time I saw you, You were just a boy and not ready for your destiny. In time others will come. You will lead them. You will show them the way to their purpose. For now it will only be you. I grant you my knowledge things to come and of the past." A being of pure white is standing in front of him. He wanst to say something but he can't find the words. He walks forward even though his mind tells himself not to. He touches the being of white and a blinding light shines in his eyes and he awakens in his bed.

"Just a dream." Jospeh says to himself. "It was a dream. Strange I've had those dreams before but its never went anywhere. But this time." His tv turns on automaticly. He sees a news report on the air. Downtown is being attacked by these creatures. They are lead by a man. WIth out thinking twice he jumps up and runs towards the stairs. He has yet to notice a small necklace with a madelon is on it. He runs straight out the door.

After about ten minutes of running he makes it to downtown. Bodies lay on the ground. More and more of these creatures return rushing towards him. The downtown area seems deserted and he is the only one there. Like in his dream his body acts with out his mind he runs towards them. Without thinking he grabs the necklace and holds it up in the air and a gauntlet apears on his arm. He stops in his tracks. He just knows what to do.

"Gauntlet of Life I need strength. White Ranger Gauntlet." A blinding flash of light surrounds his body The light projects throught out the downtown area. ALl the dead people seem to return from the dead. Life again is restored to them. Most of the creatures vanish when the light hit them.

The boy once again stands there not knowing what to do but he just acts and runs towards the creatures. The man who was leading them. Also goest towards the White ranger. The two meet in the middle and stop.

Severta stands there with a sword in his hand. "Nitcitadel I see that you have been awaken by my masters return. This time you will not defeat my master I will make sure of it."

The white ranger is confused by this." Nitcitadel i've never heard of him. My name is." He stops realizeing he shouldn't tell him his name. Then he just says it. " I'm The White Ranger of Life leave this place. You can not defeat me for I am enternal."

The two Charge at each other ready to fight each other to the end. Joesph blacks out.

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Pretty cool man. Cant wait for the next part.

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i agree, it pretty cool story. i like it. :)