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Old 05/10/01, 05:45 PM   #11
Shadow Ranger
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Examples:Tie Kwone Do
Name: Jeanmarc Britney Spears As Robert The White Time Force
Height: 4'45
age: 24
Ranger Team Afiliation:PRTF

Bio:Once i was in PRIS And PRLG and i tell use my own powers to use againets lord zedd i had no choich to make
with came long with tommy olver was the green ranger
and i started someting what is going on here besides i use to be regulare power ranger i was will that was long time ago and i can't defeatd Mr mcmahon next time on WWF Wrestling am gong to use my own morpher and say time for time force and i'll will beat againest mr macmaon onces and for all like they say about me i never give up ith my fear

but theres is one thing i almost iorgot something with my power i know it was strange with mr mcmahon i ust remember
this sunday on 20 on pa par view i have to defeat with my own simple with my old morpher rescue morpher when i use my morpher i never stain a changed with my match with mr mcmahon the daughter with billions an billions with the boss i fight ith hime with my own blaster he goign to pay what he done in the path in the future maybe in few ol moths ago i'll never surrender with my reacue blaster i'll show mr macmahon that am the arn stile wrestler of them all

and prove me wrong i' tol that to bobbby taylor will someday i'll show mr mcmahon who is preety good with his match even is going to be jeanmarc dupras vs mr mcmahon
and please far always oplease do not try this at home please dont try this at home ladies and gentleman i care for my friend mark but he stick up with me long time sinces i put mark in wwf if you smell what jeanmarc is cooking
you always talked about this talke about that will the time is going tick toke tick toke tick toke so you wanna fight
with anmarc britney spears cause iam the Power rangers time force sure make big inpression of big show later on whats going to happening nxt on WWf Smackdown

try this rangers iam takin care of mr macmahon cause hes daugther stephaine mcmahon - helmesly triple h wife heya right i doubt it myself there no change with tis future
somehting you can't buy something am going to tell mr mcmahon jsut saty way my friends

and there on change to make me have make my decidein about going to jugement day ust five days fo par pr view
but i still hav my friends wes trip lucas katie jen i really stick up with my friends and eric th quantum ranger
will eric you stick that quantum morper up your ass

Powers: Wing blade i use my wing blade better monthers if you get my idea i just i defeat mr mcmahon
i just begone with my even match
i care with my family my friends maybe not right now maybe in the past maybe in the future cause am that dame good
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Ranger In Training
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Default Introducing the Antarian Hot Pink Ranger

Since "Island of Illusion" I've already done so: :lol
Name:Jessica Zordon
Height: 5' 9"
Age: 24
Ethnicity:Antarian Royalty
Ranger Team Affiliation: Antarian Hot Pink Ranger (co-mentor) MMPR-PRLG

I am Jessica
Queen of Antario
and the Original Hot Pink Ranger

b on the planet Antario, my family and I were forced to Earth in fear of a revolution. I was in 4th grade when I was chosen by Zordon to be the hot pink ranger. He had extreme faith in my abilities. He had told Alpha 5 that "Jessica is young, but she will grow into it" I was honored, a 4th grader chosen by a powerful Eltarian Warrior, that was really special. Unlike the other Rangers I had the urge to protect Zordon, for reasons still unknown to me. The first battle I fought was in the Command Center, Rita had wanted to kill Zordon directly, but I put a stop to that.
I recall Quagmire saying "Jessica, Jessica, warrior so grand, remember a time when Zordon's life was in your hands"

My homeworld & his have a super compatability factor.
We became extremely close, and Zordon helped resolve my Thon-bat, the Antarian time of mating. I was 12.5 Antarian years of age, he was kind & gentle. The rest of that is just between Zordon & Alpha 5 & myself.

Dimitria was a mistake, she was a bother, I protested her every question & Alpha 6's Yo Yo Yos. They were annoying. Antarian 7th graders with broken hearts are people not to be dealt with. I had lost my first band director, Brassman, that same year, & recieved a director the equivialant of Dimitria. I had "Aahs World Radio" turbo power until Divatox destroyed the Power Chamber

My heartfelt love for Zordon kept me focused during PRiS, when Andros and the other Rangers fought the bad guys I used my telepathic powers & bond to locate Zordon & figure out how to rescue him. It wasn't easy. Fighting Dark Spectre's minnions to rescue Karone was more difficult. Zordon was there, alive, I vowed I would never kill him, (it still breaks my heart to think about this) Andros didn't want to kill Zordon, I refused, "Imzadi, tu katra se ri hiyet!" I cried. Calling on my Quazar laser I mortally wounded myself so that would die with him. Throwing the laser lance at Andros I ordered him to combine it with his spiral saber, giving him enough power to kill Zordon. Mr. Spock as the Vulcan Sunset Ranger was there to mind meld with me to keep me from dying. Zordon knew I would need this, he was going to die & wanted me to stay alive. I still miss him.

Powers:Power of music,
Jessica can take any song & use it to express her thoughts.
Her telepathic powers increase this ability. She can send music into someone's mind without them even knowing it.
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Old 02/12/02, 09:40 AM   #13
Jason Frank
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Default Re: Introducing the Antarian Hot Pink Ranger

Name:Tommy Oliver Jr.
Height:1,76 metres
Weight:100 pounds
Ranger Team Afflication:I am the green Ranger
Powers:Green Ranger Powers
Weapons ragon Dagger
Zords ragonzord , Titano
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Old 02/13/02, 08:02 PM   #14
Shadow Ranger
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Default Lunar Power

Name: The Lunar Ranger
Team Affiliation: None
Bio: the first Ranger created before Zordon, this ageless soul has near-god-like abilities. The current bearer of these powers is an amnesiac man, who may have been concieved by the powers themselves.
Weapons: Lunar Blaster, Lunar Laser Attack, Onslaught of
Zords: Re-designed Zenith, the Carrier Zord
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Old 02/13/02, 11:01 PM   #15
Comic Relief
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Default Re: Lunar Power

Well, let me try. I am actually writing a fan fic about this, so noone use this idea unless u ask me, OK?

Ranger: Uni-Red
Name: Charles Anderson a.k.a Chuck
Age: 18
Weight: 194
Group: Leader of the Uni Rangers
Ethnicicy: White
P.O.B: born and lived in the ruins of Angel Canyon(the remains for Angel Grove and Stone Canyon0) until he was recruited to lead the Uni Rangers. Charles is a strong, willful teenager who is one of the few remaining humans on Earth. After Dark Spectar was reborn, he resurected his generals in the AOE, and set out to finish what he started. Earth was the first place. They conquered it in 3109, destroying the current Time Rangers. Chuck was born in 3147 and recruited at 17 by Zordon's son, Jenh-Dor. Well, that is all I am gonna say for now, if you want to learn more, you'll just have to read my fic.
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Old 02/14/02, 06:38 AM   #16
Shadow Ranger
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Name: Jackson Harris
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170
Age: 20
Ethnicity: White
Origin: Santa Cruz, California
Ranger Team Affiliation: Leader of the Crystal Force Ranger Team
Bio: Jackson, grew up with a lower middle class family, he has done his best to keep himself a survivor, and not a victim, he moved to him grandmothers house, and has a strong and sensitive human being, he is not the best at sports and school, but he has a sense of life and loyalty that can not be met.
Powers: hold the crystal of courage, and it gives him the power to see 24 hours in the future in his dreams.

Go see the Power rangers saga site

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Old 01/24/11, 02:42 PM   #17
psychic ranger
Power Ranger
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Default Re: Create a Ranger

Name Charlie
Height 5'6 age 20
ethnicity white
origin Mainer Bay
Ranger Red light ranger, Blue Ice Ranger, White time ranger Ranger
team Affiliation: no one team
Bio: grew up with a genetic powers and was made fun of all the rest when in his teen years he met with Carter Greyson the would be red lightspeed rescue and Matt who was the same as Charlie so they promise to look after each other then he always wanted to help people during his teen years he was able to tell how injured people are and was able to fix them up and met Dana Mitchell and became friends after that he got morpher and became a power ranger he decide to help other rangers. He decide to visit Carter he instead saved Dana and after that they remember each other after that they grow a good friendship and after meeting with each other Carter and Charlie were both suprise they became rangers then he gain the Ice orb gaining power to transform into the Ice ranger with this new form they were able to beat a new monster he stayed for awhile. He then help out the Wild Force where Taylor was very uncomfortable with his appearance but then started to like him where they started hanging out and become really good friends and stayed for awhile when one morning Matt came told about them and their story and they help out with zen aku. He became the time ranger to help out out Time Force where Eric, wes and him became strong allies including when they were attacked by Ransik and his army. powers go to different places and years, stop the changing of time, light turn into armor, ice battle armor zords ice zord, light zord, time zord
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Kamen Rider Decade
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Default Re: Create a Ranger

Name: Rangertron #FF0000
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 1 Ton
Age: 2 years
Ethnicity: n/a
Origin: Secret underground black ops underground laboratory
Ranger Team Affiliation: None
Bio: Built to solve the biggest problem with Power Rangers, human error.
Powers: Only a sissy bitch uses special powers.
Zord/Megazord: Grows and armors up.
Weapons: Due to the modular and transformable nature of its body, it can create the weapon best suited for the situation.
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Default Re: Create a Ranger

I was considering doing this and I thought why not? It couldn't hurt.

Name: Matt
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 200 lbs
Age: 31
Ethnicity: white

Origin: Matt comes from Angel Grove.

Ranger Team Affiliation: No team.

Bio: Years ago Matt met Zordon's son, Zokar and Zokar explained to him how there were secret teams that were elsewhere in the universe as well as secret powers that would give the holder of the power the ability to morph into any superhero being whether they are Power Rangers or not and this would also allow them to use the various powers, vehicles, zords but it would also give them the weaknesses of the heroes or vehicles.

Zokar explained how there were 7 special artifacts called Eltar Stars that Matt needed to find in order to access those powers however each Star would only access a specific group of heroes until all 7 are activated at once. Team Power-Ups such as the Metallic Armor and Lights of Orion will not be able to be activated unless the 5 Stars that correspond to those powers are found and activated.

Powers: Matt eventually receives an Eltarian Star which causes him to morph into the White Star Ranger but he just does whatever he pleases as do his other teammates.
His other powers allow him the ability to access any of the 6th Rangers' weapons and zords regardless of their fate as well as the Extra Rangers' arsenal and the Extra Warriors' arsenal.
His powers also allow him to control a Megazord (such as the Megatigerzord, Delta Command Megazord, Solar Streak Megazord, Flashpoint Megazord, etc.) all by himself and he doesn't need to burden himself with going inside of it in order to pilot it either, he can just pilot it from outside like the Green Ranger did with the Dragonzord.
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Default Re: Create a Ranger

Because I mentioned him in the previous post, I thought I should post him as well.

Name: Zokar
Height, Weight, and Age: 5'6''
Ethnicity: N/A
Origin: Eltar
Ranger Team Affiliation: Eltarian Squads
Bio: Zokar was born shortly before Zordon had went to Angel Grove to set up shop there in case of an emergency situation however Zokar was the leader of various organizations on Eltar. During a job as a Cop on the planet, he had to kill a serial killer in self defense and he discovered he ran out of bullets but didn't realize it until the last thing that came out which wasn't a bullet at all. The thing that came out was a special Red seed that activated immediately and allowed him the power to morph into the Alpha Z Ranger

Powers: The Alpha Z Ranger is the American counterpart of Super Sentai's AkaRed that was introduced in Boukenger vs Super Sentai and later appeared in Gokaiger. Alpha Z Ranger shares the same powers as AkaRed does but Alpha Z can morph into any of the primary Red Rangers and he can also summon any of their weapons and other arsenal as well including the zords. He can use some Megazords regardless of their fates but it depends on whether they originally had an auto pilot system for some of their zords or not.
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