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Default Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 10 Discussion

So we get to see them finally return to the moon. A bit different than actually seeing them relive it in the anime. But still good to see. Of course things were more like the manga backstory. So we know the people of earth were brainwashed and that history was restarted once Serenity sealed Matilla. Also the sword from the manga comes into play here.

Its interesting how they are doing the Sailor Gaurdian / General love story that the manga backstory only aluded to in one picture. It makes sense that they kept the generals alive this long. I was surprised we didnt get more of Kunzite doubting the memories. I almost expected the guardians to have to kill their former lovers. Will be interesting to see where this goes.

I have to say it was cool seeing Usagi kick ass and save the day. Pretty epic having her go to space to heal the planet. The seqence in the beginning of the Guardians traveling through space was cool too.

There have been a lot of complaints about character development for the other guardians. But we got a lot of that in the beginning, as well as with the Gaurdian/ General love story.

Its gonna be interesting to see evil Endyimon interact with Usagi. I am sure we will get more of Beryl's backstory too.
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Default Re: Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 10 Discussion

It was ok. I thought 8 and 9 were stronger episodes.
The lack of blood, and any real fighting still bugs me.
Toning down violence is one thing, but taking it away
completely is another. They just brushed over the tragic
Moon kingdom story very quickly, with little emotion in it.
An emotional let down comparing that episode 9 made me
cry. Also how emotionally involved I was in the 90's anime
(and manga) version of the Moon kingdom story. The Moon
Pride music video was so epic, it made me look forward to
this episode. Too bad this episode didn't live up to it's potential.
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Default Re: Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 10 Discussion

Loved the episode so much! Watched in on CR since Viz/Hulu were flops and didn't upload it when they were supposed to. But yay to watching a new SMC episode with better subtitles for the first time around!

This episode had much better artwork than Act 9 IMO. I loved the bit of backstory we saw for the Four Kings (SO excited to see them with colors actually matching their stones, except for Kunzite, which is something I've always wanted)! Too bad it was so short. If they'd been given more episodes like they wanted to do, I imagine we would have gotten something more detailed, but oh well.

Also! I loved seeing the girls in their outfits from the opening. That was pretty cool.
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Old 11/15/14, 08:18 PM   #4
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Default Re: Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 10 Discussion

I...um....thought it was okay?


I have to agree here. This Act was rather....unimpressive, to me. I had a box of tissues ready to go, and I was fully and completely expecting this big, emotional, incredibly tragic backstory to utterly wreck me and rip my heart out of my chest.

I was anticipating my reaction to be similar to how I reacted to Act 9, but worse: Act 9 had me in tears the entire episode. I was fully expecting to have my heart torn out of my body and stomped on.

That didn't happen. All I got was this....in 5 minutes:

Queen Serenity: "Hey guys, I love and miss you all, kissy kissy!! But I'm kinda dead now, but my spirit was uploaded to our computer system, and here's what happened: you fell in love, our kingdom was destroyed, Earth was destroyed, Endymion died, and oh yeah, by the way, you committed suicide. LOL. Toodles!"


Suffice it to say, with how incredibly quickly it was brushed over, it sort of left my mouth hanging open in shock.

This was supposed to be my incredibly, super-tragic backstory, dammit. That ONE little scene of Princess Serenity squeeing "Oh, you guys! Stop!" and giggling with them was not my idea of tragic or heart-wrenching.

I needed a hell of a lot more then: "Hey, y'all, here's what happened, and oh yeah, you committed suicide. LOL."

I'm a little pissed off because they made it a hell of a lot more basic then it should have been. Not glossed over like that. That's seriously all I can think about, is Queen Serenity, going: "LOL".

Meeting her mother was supposed to have been emotional, dammit.

I know they followed the manga pretty well exactly, except for the bit where they added in the 4 Generals/Soldier pairings, which was sweet, but it wasn't my tragic, gut-wrenching backstory.

In the manga, it was pretty well implied that Sailor Moon/Serenity was remembering her final days exactly, just as Queen Serenity was telling the story. We were supposed to go into her memories and see exactly what happened, in full, glorious, bloody detail.

I was expecting a few scenes from the Moon Pride video.

I'm really, really, really disappointed about the backstory. Like soul-crushingly disappointed.

I still enjoyed the episode and still liked it, but I was ready to cry and wail and sob. I WANTED to cry and wail and sob and I didn't get anywhere near that.

A decent episode, but nowhere near as amazing as it could have been.

*sighs* It is what it is, I suppose.

And for the record, I too, had hoped to see the "Rabbit on the Moon" joke Makoto made.

*sighs again*

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Old 11/15/14, 08:20 PM   #5
Shadow Ranger
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Default Re: Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 10 Discussion

See now why an act-for-act adaptation wasn't a good idea?
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Shadow Ranger
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Default Re: Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 10 Discussion

came into this episode with zero expectations, and left fairly satisfied. Episode 10 is a little more subtle than the previous emotional episode 9, but it still had some high marks:

* Ad-hoc transformation scene. So great that they are not wasting our time with stock footage. Also, the girls were wearing the clothes from the opening credits.
* We got to interact with Usagi's family once more. Almost forgot about them!
* Jupiter pumping her fists, and trying to pull the stone sword. And then Venus being the one who succeeds!
* It's finally revealed why all the Generals were kept alive. Looks like it was so they could introduce the Senshi x Generals love backstory.
* Awesome fight scene between Senshi and the Generals. Again, loved how they didn't use stock footage, like they did in the 90's anime.

It actually looks like it will be the next episode that will turn up the emotional impact agai
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Old 11/15/14, 09:00 PM   #7
Shadow Ranger
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Default Re: Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 10 Discussion

Very flat episode. Just didn't hit the emotional notes that I was hoping for. Everything happened very quickly too. The mini fight scene was kinda cool as they made it very dynamic, but it was WAAYYY too short. And Sailor Planet Attack was hugely disappointing. I really hope the creators really bring it for the final few episodes. This was definitely a stumble after the last few episodes. And I watched this on Hulu and man were the subs awful. I mean really awful. They had 3 weeks to do this and they made the subs worse than they've ever been. Just so many errors. On the plus side, the animation was really really good though.
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Old 11/15/14, 09:03 PM   #8
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Default Re: Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 10 Discussion

Flat is exactly the word I'd describe Sailor Moon Crystal. The scene where the Senshi all realized they were in love with the Shitennou was painfully bad. Even with the little hints they threw previously in the show, it still felt like it came out of nowhere, and it just barely made any sense? I mean, was it just love at first sight?? I don't know, I'm on the fence with the whole Shitennou x Senshi plot in general, but I can't imagine anyone being pleased with how it was handled. :dead: The fact that the show truly believed that the only important characterization for the senshi are their love interests is also kind of insulting.

The one good part was Silver Millennium!Rei scaring Usagi. I was like "OMG! She showed personality." I'm actually kind of sad how disappointed I'm in this series. I was so into it too until the past few episodes. Episode 9 was such an improvement... I don't know guys. Not liking Sailor Moon is such a weird thing. :blue:

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Shadow Ranger
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Default Re: Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 10 Discussion

Well, this episode left me mixed feelings.

I liked the interaction of the Tsukino family and some scenes of Queen Sereniy (especially when she said goodbye to Usagi). I also liked the battle scenes (although these were short).

I haven't problem with the relationship between the Senshis and Shittenou, but I didN't like the development of their romance in this episode. I didn't like the sailors have fallen in love at the same time.

PS: They jumped very quickly the suicide scene of Princess Serenity, right?
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Old 11/15/14, 09:05 PM   #10
Shadow Ranger
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Default Re: Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 10 Discussion

I kind of dislike how Rei, who said she didn't trust men, was one of the first to jump on board the fact that she used to be in love with Jadeite. Felt artificial to me. The rest of the episode seemed fine, although the Generals x Guardians pairing introduction was kind of rushed. They're probably setting up for this big, tragic ending where everyone dies and only the girls and Mamochan come back.
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