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Default (Off Topic) Yami Senshi Yokaioh

Can I try I just want to chime in my 2 cents something I have been thinking over in my head that I still want to work out some ideas for before I post it.

Yami Senshi Yokaioh

"Plot: Hoping to improve it's image the O'Junkies corporation has decided to host it's next live stage show for it's popular children show Ninja Troopers in the small town of Normalton Colorado. Jack Ferguson a commercial, and PSA writer for O'Junkies however wanting to do bigger things has been experimenting with both magic, and technology believing that not only do creatures like fairies, and goblins exist in another dimension but that through magic, and technology he can be able to give them physical bodies in our world.

Unfortunately the experiment backfires causing a hole in the time, and space continuum killing Ferguson, and unleashing three of the most horrifying monsters in existence. Akumaoh a demon made of pure evil magic, Uchuumaoh an evil amoeba like alien overlord, Mechamaoh a demonic artificial intelligence given flesh by nanites.

Needing to survive on our world they take over Ferguson's body which as also been infected with DNA from various animals creating a fourth monster called Juumaoh a chimera like mutant with the powers of Earth's deadliest animals collectively calling themselves Daimon Ferguson, and his monster personalities begin a campaign to kill, and transform all life into undead mutants called Phantomoids starting with Normalton.

Meanwhile O'Junkies decides to have auditions for their stage show at the local elementary schools, and a young girl name Mary Donnler is one of the children picked. Daimon has Mary's slacker older brother Robert, and several other people killed so they can be turned into phantomoid slaves so he can target the auditions.

However not only does Robert's human side prevent him from carrying out the attack but his phantomoid side not wanting to take orders from Daimon evolves past a point where Daimon let's him be killed by anti-phantomoid forces. However he arrives in Jigoku the land of the dead ruled by the goddess of death herself Izanami who reveals that Ferguson/Daimon is under the control of the ancient interdimensional evil Amatsu Mikaboshi which seeks to reduce the universe back to singularity.

Izanami allows Robert to come back to life provided he use his Phantomoid powers to stop Daimon, and his minions. However in addition to Daimon, and his forces Robert must also deal with those who mistake his attempts to save Normalton for serial killings.

He must become a demon of justice, a heroic grim reaper, he must become Yami Senshi Yokaioh."

Right now I just have a basic idea, I am still working things out, the general idea in my head is meant to be something along the lines of say Kamen Rider W if it were Americanized by Kevin Smith or Matt Stone, and Trey Parker.

Their might be some grim, and gritty stuff especially around major episodes but for the most part it's meant to be lighthearted comedy albeit with maybe some dark humor but not anything that should be construed as a serious political or religious discussion.

Everything is still in the idea phase so if anyone has any ideas on how to improve things

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As for characters

Robert Donnler/Yami Senshi Yokaioh: A slacker nerd obsessed with tv, video games, and comics. While going to pick up his little sister Mary from the auditions for the O'junkies stage show he was killed by Daimon's phantomoid minions so that he himself could be turned into a phantomoid, however his own unwillingness to kill innocent people, and his phanotmoid side's pride he considered his mission dishonorable, and was killed.

When he went to the land of the dead the goddess Izanami gave him the chance to return to earth to destroy Daimon, and his phantomoids in return he'll be returned to a normal human, or move on to his next existence.

Robert can be very mischievous often coming up with wild schemes to do or get what he wants that end up having consequences that neither he nor anyone else planned for but at the same time he tries to do the right thing.

Powers: Robert has a sword called Yokai Ken that can be charged with demonic energy.

He also has a bio mechanical demon motor cycle called the Kitsune that can ride at speed in excess of 120 miles, sprout laser shooting gatling gun, and wings for flight.

Robert has a lot of powers associated with ghost like invisibility intangibility His finisher is the magic psychic death ray where he fires pure concentrated demonic energy in a beam from his eyes turning every molecule in his target's body into unstable atomic matter causing them to explode.

Ichiro Sasaki/ Lord Shinigami: A samurai from the Sengoku period who served under Oda Nobunaga, he sold his soul to Izanami to live forever but at the cost of becoming an undead creature called a Yurei.

He now serves as Robert's mentor showing him the ropes of being a shinigami, and fighting the phantomoids.

His personality is very honor driven, and he still tries to live up to the samurai code even in modern times when he works as a janitor or a narrator on some Saturday morning kid show.

His personality often clashes with Roberts, but at the end of the day they have a mutual understanding that allows them both to fgrow.

Powers. He as a lot of the same powers as Robert only his are stronger, and instead of a motorcycle he rides around on a Kirin.

Samantha Michaels/Yami Hime: Samantha was a nerdy girl who wanted to be pretty, and popular till someone offered to grant her wish, unfortunately that person was a phanotmoid, and they turned her into one.

At first she liked the power but then it started corrupting her, and she went psychotic, now she tries to user her phantomoid powers for good while trying to get rid of her own phantomoid side.

As a human she can be nice, and innocent, but can get very angry with pushed too far, her phantomoid side on the other hand is manipulative, and wouldn't think twice about killing you if she thought she had to.

Powers: Being able to regenerate from even the smallest cell, acid venom saliva, able to grow swords from her forearms, being able to shoot laser beams.

Captain Percival Grant/ Captain Aka Kabuto: Captain Percival is a member of a top secret international law enforcement agency that investigates extra-terrestrial phenomena. While investigating attacks by parasitic body snatching alien insects called Insectoids he was killed, and cocooned so that his body would be used to create an insectoid slave to carry out their plans, but after being killed as an insectoid he mysteriously came back to life but with his human soul returned.

He now continues to investigate attacks by the Insectoids using his own insectoid powers to stop them.

Powers: Can generate electrical energy, and focus it through pincers in his arms, and legs, and carries two laser pistols that fire electric energy.

Lt Howard McMullen/Uchuujin: Howard was low level fighter pilot for another organization that investigates paranormal phenomena when he was investigating a strange glowing light when his jet crashed that light revealed itself as an alien from the planet ZX12-1000 that had come to Earth to deal with the phantomoid menace but due to Earth's atmosphere can't survive more than five minutes.

So the alien fused with Howard so that he can use it's powers to fight pjantomoids, and giant creatures

In his human form Howard can seem bumbling, and incompetent but is always able to save the day as Uchuujin.

Professor Chronos: An alien from another planet who resembles an elderly British man, he travels around in a space ship called Time And Space Cruise that can transform into any kind building in order to blend into it's environment.

He comes to Earth to not only investigate the phantomoid menace but also to escape the destruction of his home planet at the hands of creatures called the Cydrack.

Unlike the other heroes he doesn't engage in direct conflict, and instead uses his superior intellect to figure his way out of trouble.

Powers: Advanced intellect that allows him to figure his way out of any situation, a regeneration factor that allows him to survive death by rearranging his molecular structure allowing him to take on different appearances.


Jack Ferguson: A public service announcement, and commercial writer for the O'Junkies corporation. Bored, and underpaid with his job he dreamed of finding a way to access the world of fairies, and goblins so that he could bring them to our world.

However his experiments to do so went horribly awry resulting in not only him becoming possessed by not four demonic personalities but giving unleashing other demonic creatures on Earth, and giving him the ability to turn any life form into phantomoids.

Jack himself is not intentionally evil, in fact he can actually be a nice guy most of the time but his various phantomoid personalities constantly encourage him to act on his darkest impulses to further their own goals.

Makaimao: A Demon sorcerer made of pure evil magic. He is the most spiritual of Jack's personalities having been a demon, angel, or spirit for all the universes religions until his own desire to become the one god was revealed, and he was banished.

He can summon, and create all kinds of curses and spells, and turn anything into a supernatural monster.

Uchuumaoh: Uchuumaoh is a bit of a contradiction as he is mentally very advanced having evolved over millions of years, and yet has a simple amoeba like genetic structure that allows him to to evolve to anything thrown at him.

In addition he knows about all the life forms in the universe, and can call them to invade earth, he can consume the genetic material of any organism, and gain it's abilities.

Mechamaoh: An evil artificial intelligence made of nanites, and is the most scientifically minded of Jack's phantomoid forms.

His big thing is technology as he seeks to become the most advanced technology in the universe, he can absorb any technology, and in turn transform any technology into one of his killer robots.

Jumaoh: a chimera like creature made of the DNA of carious animals i.e. a bat's ears, bears head with a lion's mane, and a rhino's horn, wings from bat's, birds, and insects, tentacles, gills, etc.

He is the only one of Jack's personalities that was not a pre existing creature, and is also the strongest, and least intelligent of them.

He can also turn humans into animal hybrids, and animals into giant creatures.

Phantomoids: Demonic undead mutants created by Daimon they usually appear in four types (mutant, robot, alien, demon) they typically start off as humans, and are converted into phantomoids by one of Jack's own phantomoid forms, though plants, animals, machines, anything can become a phantomoid.

Next I'll edit this to include minor characters.

Anyway if you have thoughts please reply.

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