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Default Re: Power Rangers Original Zord Footage

Now this post will tell us the zords and props Power Rangers had access to. Now the S.W.A.T. Megazord did have a suit but the original scenes we saw of it was not of the suit so that will not be evidence of whether they had the suit or not.



Thunder Megazord and Saber
Tigerzord Warrior Mode and Sword


White, Black, Blue, Yellow and Red Shogunzords
Ninjor, Holster and Sword
Ninjor's Battle Mode head



Turbo Megazord, Saber and "Shield"


Astro Megazord, Saber and "Shield"
Delta Megazord
Mega Voyager
Mega Winger Battle Mode


Condor, Wildcat, Gorilla, Wolf and Lion GalactaBeasts
Galaxy Megazord, Saber
Defender Torozord, Lance
Centaurus Megazord, Blaster
Stratoforce Megazord, Boomerang


Lightspeed Megazord Saber
Max Solarzord Battle Mode
Lightspeed Solarzord
Omega Megazord
Lifeforce Megazord, Saber

Time Force

Time Force Megazord Mode Blue
Time Shadow Megazord
Shadow Force Megazord Mode Blue
Q-Rex Dino and Megazord Modes

Wild Force

Wild Force Megazord's Red Lion chest, Bisonzord Bottom appears to be there
Elephant Sword
Giraffe Spear
Polar Bear Arm
Predazord (no sign of evil head) and Gator Staff
Kongazord's Gorilla parts
Striker Mode parts (there was an individual Armadillo included but that's not a suit that's likely an included prop in case Power Rangers wanted to re-shoot the Finisher)
Deer Clutcher Arm
Isis Megazord chest, wings and helmet
All parts to Animus including his Bow

NOTE: Now the Megazords we saw in Wild Force were Wild Force Megazord, Predazord, Kongazord, Isis Megazord and Animus.
NOTE: The Wild Force Megazord's head, the Kongazord's head, Predazord's evil head, the Elephant Shield and the Black Bear arm are the Gaoranger mecha-related items that are unknown as to whether MMPR Productions had possession of them or not.

Ninja Storm
Dino Thunder
Mystic Force
Jungle Fury
Dino Charge
Ninja Steel
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