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Lady Usagi
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Default Princess Serenity

As Sailor Moon it is her first time being a warrior, right? As Princess of the Moon Kingdom she was guarded by the Senshi who were also princesses of their planets; with Venus as the leader.

Obviously as Sailor Moon, her powers are realllly valuable- and with the final battle shes pushed to her emotional limits and sorta of unleashes the fullest of her power.

So why would she need to be guarded as the Moon Princess..was she weaker then? The Crystal is obviously stronger then the other senshi's... soo hmmm?

Also, was Earth the most powerful Planet or something?? Cause the Moon Kingdom looked after it, and the other planets had to guard the Moon Kingdom, why was Earth so valuable? And if its so powerful and valuable- wouldn't that mean Prince Endymion is stronger/more valuable then Princess Serenity and the Senshi should be protecting him? :|


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Default Re: Princess Serenity

She was guarded because from what I gather Sailor Moon isn't a decent fighter and actually relies on her special powers and she's not supposed to use the powers of the Legendary Crystal unless it's a last resort type of deal.

The Moon Kingdom didn't look after it.
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Default Re: Princess Serenity

The Moon Kingdom looked after Earth in Crystal and the Manga. Most likely because they were a younger civilization that had potential. But at the same time the people of the moo. didnt want to directly interfere in their evolution.

It does seem odd that we have no evidence of Serenity being a Senshi in the past. But it was peace time so their wss no need for her to fight. Lets not forget that the Queen was the one that carried around the crystal at that point. So Serenity would need protectors. And like Matt said using the full power of the crystal would kill the user.
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