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Default Advertisement: Rider Power is officially launched

Alright guys, it took a several weeks but we are finally a go. I am proud to finally have this board up. But need to thank Kiva, Aftershock, and k. steel for making this all. Here is the low down for those of you that don't know.

This is a merger of the PRO Board, Lahana Forums, Talkrider, Digimon Central's forum, and the Sailor Moon Kingdom forums( not the invisionfree version). All the posts should be here in some shape or forum. As well as the member accounts.

Shiela, I accidently merged you account with Travis. So I just deleted the posts you made as Seer so it wouldn't look like he made them. Your old account is still active though and I can change the name for you.

Everyone should be able to log into their accounts with their old passwords. If you were a member of more then one board, just let us know and your accounts can be merged. If your account is not present it may have been deleted for inactivity. So just re-register.

Rider Power will continue to be affilated with Power Rangers Online and its affilates. It is the the Power Rangers Online Message board. It will however be a Power Rangers and Kamen Rider board. With some anime and toku topics mixed in. Namely Sailor Moon and Digimon.

I would like to welcome every one to the forums and feel this is a great evolution for all the boards. Existing as several smaller boards was less efficiant. It is much better to be one big forum. Especially since a lot of the boards were started by PR fans. All these other shows are usually well liked by PR fans.

So in any case, this board is officially open for bussiness. Enjoy and have fun.
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