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Default Power Rangers Wild Guard Battalion

Power Rangers Wild Guard Battalion
duhSo ever since Go-Buster got skipped I wanted for the longest time to come up with an idea for a fan made adaptation of it.
However I didn’t want to just make it a sequel or spin off of RPM since everyone, and their grandpa’s dog wanted to do that but I admittedly couldn’t think of anything different,
But then I remembered that before RPM came out I had an idea for how I was going to adapt Go-Onger, and I thought that I could retool it to be a Go-Buster adaptation.

“The Cydrack Corporation a corrupt company responsible for numerous offenses against the environment is secretly a race of demonic cyborgs known as the Cyberdark out to conquer the earth, pollute it and replace humans, and other creatures with or convert them into cyborg creatures.

They start their campaign by attacking a rain forest benefit race in the city of Clover Springs California, luckily however a small group of teenagers are recruited by a secret government agency called the Environmental Maintenance Coalition to defend the Earth against the Cyberdark.

They are Power Rangers Wild Guard Battalion”.
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Default Re: Power Rangers Wild Guard Battalion

I can't wait to see how your Go-Buster adaptation turned out.
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