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Shadow Ranger
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Default Question about Daggeron's 'power'/routine

Okay can anyone give me a clue WHY he had a ticket puncher and magic card? I mean everything else I can understand in the show, but that is the one "Whhhhhhhaaaaa..." thing I just do not get. I mean I KNOW the Rangers wands were turned into cell phone type things, but what is that ticket puncher thing about. It just perplexes me. Before you go off on the details, YES, I understand how it works. Curious, if anyone has insight into WHY the creators chose him to have a ticket puncher.
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Default Re: Question about Daggeron's 'power'/routine

Nope I don't think anyone will ever know what Toei was thinking about when they came up with what we call the Solar Cell Morpher. It was definitely a strange thing to use especially coming from a magical-themed season but so was a Magic Lamp that fires out a talking cat Genie for a Finisher.
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