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Default Would JDF have been better as Len?

We know from a con appearance, that JDF claims to have been up for the role of Len at some point. But a higher up nixed the idea since they thought it would confuse Dragon Knight with Power Rangers. Would this have been better?

I think Matt Mullins did a good job as Len. He diffinitly had the martial arts background. And this is by no means a knock on him.

I do think JDF would have been interesting for a marketing standpoint. Since he has such a big fanbase himself. He also would have made a great Advent Master. Of course the actor they ended up using for that role was big himself.
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Default Re: Would JDF have been better as Len?

If they had JDF as Len, I would not have watched the second coming of Jebus (or whatever moronic moniker I saw at RB that was a play on the word of Jesus in relation to Tommy).

I'm sick of seeing his ugly tatted mug. Anyone stupid enough to get tatted up deserves AIDS and I hope he got it.

Plus I would have to quit going to any message board that discussed PR and/or KR because of all the discussion going on about how the real world was "Ventarra" and that Kit's world was the real mirror world and that Tommy/Len was trying to save the real world/Ventarra. Or whatever stupid garbage the retards came up.
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