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Default Re: Hasbro To Aquire Power Rangers

Originally Posted by Miki1988 View Post
Yeah, not to mention they designed a completely different suit for Doggie in S.P.D..

Not meaning to sound like an idiot, but it's better that they didn't opt in to make an original evil lair set for the (Super) Meagforce season, since the Ranger base looked stupid, small and uncreative. I mean, it was just a hall with a giant Goseiger/Megaforce morpher on the wall at the end of it. So they better either come up with a really good original design for every part of the set, otherwise, it's better for them to just go with the Sentai set. I might consider giving BM a chance, but I'm not sitting trough another 40 episodes of the main characters talking to a bigger version of their morpher that's banged onto a freaking wall.
indeed plus Gruumm and they made an outfit for Mora who was also an original character.

no doubt about not making an original evil lair since their original Ranger base for Megaforce was basically lame but I wasn't that crazy about the Sentai sets for the evil lairs in Megaforce either except for the underwater one.

Beast Morphers doesn't have a tiki-like Morpher like Gosei was their Morphers are wrist-worn.
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