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Default Re: Some things I want to clear up with MMPR + Sentai

Originally Posted by Battletoads View Post
I'm well aware PR uses sentai footage but when it comes to MMPR and it's use of sentai, I get a little confused because their seasons don't correspond.

So here's what I believe, and correct me if i'm wrong (I'm sure I am)

MMPR season 1 uses most of the footage from Zyuranger. 60 episodes, how could you not?

MMPR season 2 uses mainly original unmorphed footage, some extra zyuranger footage, and some dairanger footage (only white ranger fights?) and uses only dairanger zord footage

MMPR season 3 uses mostly/all original unmorphed footage & ninjas and uses only kakuranger zord footage

MMAR uses only kakuranger footage

And of course PR fills in the holes with their own morphed footage as well

Is this correct?
Actually MMPR1 (MMPR Season 1) uses pretty much all Zyuranger however there were additional episodes that featured monsters that fans have deemed Zyu2 monsters. These Zyu2 monsters were created by Toei and they had ground and mecha fights like most of them did and Toei's Sentai crew filmed the scenes.

"After Doomsday" is when the original order that Fox Kids had order had expired but they had renewed their order and requested 20 more episodes but they had already used up most of the Zyuranger footage except for 2 so the first episode they aired "A Pig Surprise" featured a combination of original footage as well as recycled Pudgy Pig monster footage.

The next 2 episodes "Rita's Seed of Evil" and "Lions & Blizzards" took care of the last 2 Dora Monsters from Zyuranger.
Starting with "Something Fishy" is when the Zyu2 footage began.

MMPR2 features very little Zyuranger stuff just the stock shots of them calling for their zords for the most part such as when the Ranger poses as they're saying "Pterodactyl Firebird Thunderzord." Most of the White Ranger footage is original he didn't have any fights from Sentai kept in. Tigerzord scenes is mostly all Sentai, its cockpit is definitely all Sentai since they didn't want to bother with wasting the money to reconstruct it when there was no need to.

That's pretty much right with MMPR3 and MMAR however they both use Kakuranger scenes but in MMPR3's case it was mostly just the Giant stuff. The Ninja Ranger scenes in MMPR3 were however original.

Originally Posted by JustCallMeThePinkRanger View Post
Actually pretty much none of the White Ranger fights are from Dairanger. His sentai footage is pretty much limited to summoning the Tigerzord and piloting the Tigerzord. His solo scenes in Rocky just wants to have fun is the only episode I can think of where they used footage from Sentai. Also starting with Missing Green several of the monsters appear only in Dairanger footage. If you see a monster never make direct contact with the Rangers or appear on screen at the same time, its because its Dairanger footage being spliced in with American footage of the Rangers. Serpentera is also Dairanger footage.
That's correct with White Ranger, there were some brief Dairanger scenes of him however such as when he falls off the Tigerzord and when he's chasing after Pachinko Head.
You're also correct with the Dairanger Gorma Monsters, a lot of them appear in only Sentai footage but you can't just use them not appearing in the same shot or not as a way to tell whether they were in original footage or not since Silverhorns is a good example of one in which did not appear in the same scene as any of the Rangers but his ground scenes were original. That's correct with Serpentera... at least in the case of Season 2 anyway.

Originally Posted by JustCallMeThePinkRanger View Post
Some scenes with Master Vile are taken from Kakuranger footage, and I think they may have used kakuranger footage of Rito a few times (outside of zord battles) but otherwise yes.
That's correct in the case of Vile and his Space Skull also comes from Sentai however in the case of Rito that's actually incorrect. Rito was only in Kakuranger scenes in Power Rangers during the times in which he was Giant.

Originally Posted by Digifiend 2 View Post
and then they start using the Zyu2 footage, which lasts until Green No More in season 2. The zord scenes from The Mutiny onwards were replaced with Dairanger footage, causing the monsters to never be in the same shot as the Thunder Megazord, since the footage was originally using Megazord, Dragonzord and/or Ultrazord. Missing Green through to Blue Ranger Gone Bad is Dairanger, with almost all ground fights either using the same splicing previously used for Megazord fights, or totally refilmed. A Friend in Need is US footage combined with a Kamen Rider Black RX episode. Ninja Quest part 1 is spliced from Zyu, Dai and Kakuranger. The Thunderzord destruction is US footage. Part 2, with no morphed scenes, is all US. Part 3 onwards is a mix of Kakuranger and original footage.
That's correct with the Zyu2 footage in Season 2 as well as the zord scenes from Mutiny-Green No More.
You're correct with everything else there that's in quotes.

Originally Posted by Battletoads View Post
One more question though.

I'm just reading this off PR wiki so I don't know the full context, but how was titanus (whom I believe was exclusive to Zyuranger) able to combine with the ninjazord and shogunzord in those MMPR 3 episodes?
Originally Posted by JustCallMeThePinkRanger View Post
They used the toys. If you noticed when Shogun Zord combines with Titanus its white arm inexplicably turns Pink because Bandai had the White Shogun Zord as pink
JustCallMeThePinkRanger is correct. Titanus originated in Zyuranger and he never came back in Sentai. They wound up using the Bandai of America toys for both the Ninja Ultrazord and the Shogun Ultrazord so that they could accomplish these new formations since they didn't have anything that Toei would have used for Titanus and because there was no Ultrazord configuration in Kakuranger Toei wouldn't have made the models that would have been needed to be put inside of Titanus like they did with the Megadragonzord.

Originally Posted by MagnumArtero View Post
A couple of quick questions on this matter.

1) Was every ground battle scene featuring Kibaranger alongside the Zyurangers produced in the United States?

2) If the answer to question 1 is yes, then can we assume that the rangers and villians never appeared in the same frame shot?
1. Yes it was.
2. No you can't.

Originally Posted by Cmdr Crayfish View Post
Yes, every scene of the White Ranger-led Power Rangers together is American exclusive, but a bunch of Dairanger monsters had US fights staged against them. It's not like EVERY monster fight in the second season was as "we clearly do not have this suit ourselves" as Photomare.
That's very true. A monster like Pachinko Head had an original battle staged against him same with Scatterbrain and Pursehead. However there were some monsters like for example Photomare or even ones such as Lipsyncher and Skelerena that you only saw in Sentai footage.

Originally Posted by MagnumArtero View Post
So then they got American actors into the costumes in order to the stage the fight... I mean, that does make more sense.
That's correct but not all of them. The Dairanger Gorma Monsters that had this would include Pursehead, Terror Blossom, Bookala, Tombstone Monster, Beamcaster, Needle Nose, Scatterbrain, Pachinko Head and Silverhorns. Serpentera also had a brief scene in Zeo in which it was seen in original footage which means an actor likely would have been inside of it operating it.
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