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Default Re: The negative aspect of the Legendary Battle.

Originally Posted by IMDB_Vits View Post
Nothing will be able to top it. I'm sure some said that about FOREVED RED and/or ONCE A RANGER, but this is different because it'll feature every single RANGER.

By the way, I just read that next season will be called DINO CHARGE. Are you kidding me?! Another dinosaur-themed team?! If you've run out of ideas, just end the show.
First off I wouldn't say 'nothing' will be able to top Forever Red.
Second you don't end a show just because you need to keep on using the same themes. After 40 years of the series you're gonna be reusing themes again and again.

Originally Posted by kiti22 View Post
The best part about the legendary battle episode is the return of the greatest ranger of all time (tommy) and wes and carter

But without power rangers, saturday morning will never be the same
Power rangers was cancelled once after RPM back in 2009 but now saban brought back the franchise back in 2011
I agree that Tommy was one of the good parts about the battle but definitely not Wes or Carter.

Also Saban bought the show back from Disney in 2010, they just didn't air Samurai until 2011.

Originally Posted by TrickyDicky007 View Post
They can't choose the shows theme, they have to follow the sentai. And Judd Lynn is now back in charge, and he helmed some of the best seasons of the show, so Dino Charge can only be good.
Exactly they have no control over the show's theme they can try to adjust things like they've done before in Power Rangers but they can't do anything about the stock footage.
No doubt about Chip.

Originally Posted by soul_reaver265 View Post
- The producers reportedly planning for a multi-parter and trying their best to push for it, despite Saban's insistence to the contrary. Word on the net was that the original script featured a grand showdown with all of the Red Ranger Zords that existed up to that point, but that idea was nixed on the basis that it would be selling toys that weren't commercially relevant anymore.

...That episode at least has a somewhat meaningful story to tell, despite its many flaws and inconsistencies with established lore, and each of the actors (at least, the ones that were actually on set during the episode's filming) were given something to do in the subsequent battle against the villains.

The Legendary Battle, on the other hand?

- 10 veteran actors are flown all the way out to New Zealand to make what essentially amount to very brief cameo appearances.

- Of those 10 actors, only 5 are given any speaking lines, with Jason David Frank getting the most dialogue and face time.

- The finalized episode utilizes a smattering of stock footage from Gokaiger's version of the battle, and any tidbits of original fight footage DO NOT feature those returning actors.

Is it really any wonder that Johnathan Tzachor was fired from his post?
Saban had nothing to do with Wild Force, that was under Disney ownership. Disney was just letting them do their own thing for the most part.

I do agree with you in regards to the Legendary Battle though.

Originally Posted by IMDB_Vits View Post
Sorry, I should've specified that, when I said "If you've run out of ideas, just end the show", I was talking about SUPER SENTAI too.
Doesn't matter what you were referring to, it doesn't make any business sense to end a successful money-making franchise just based on whether they can think up a new theme or prefer to go with a previous theme.

Originally Posted by TrickyDicky007 View Post
Seems a bit silly to me, Sentai is still going strong after almost 40 years. The kids still love it.
I agree with you there.

Originally Posted by IMDB_Vits View Post
That's not an indication of quality.

I've forgiven the show for recycling storylines, but they can't come up with with new themes for the teams?
It's not an indication of quality but it still doesn't make any realm of sense for a business to end a show just because they might have ran out of themes, there's only so many themes you can come up with before you start reusing old themes

Originally Posted by TrickyDicky007 View Post
Did you miss this years train theme?
Not only that but there was Go-Busters as well which I believe which was a spy theme?

Originally Posted by soul_reaver265 View Post
Not to mention Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, in which the heroes were a team of spy agents, each of their costumes and mecha carrying a loosely-applied creature motif: Cheetah (Red), Gorilla (Blue), Rabbit (Yellow), Rhino Beetle (Gold) and Stag Beetle (Silver).

Unfortunately, that series largely got passed over with regard to the Power Rangers adaptation process, reportedly due to poor toy sales in Japan. Elements of it will apparently be featured in Power Rangers Dino Charge, though so far - to my knowledge at least - only the Morphin' Brace is confirmed.
It is disappointing that Go-Busters was skipped over but hopefully we'll still see some aspects of it in Dino Charge but we'll see once it airs next year.
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