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Old 01/18/08, 05:31 PM   #1
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Default What did you like about the Saban era Ranger shows?

So what did you like about the Saban era?

I liked how this turned out, loved the Green With Evil saga

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tommy come new leader of power rangers and comeing of thunderzords
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I liked how even though Tommy is portrayed as some god or holier than though or god's gift to Power Rangers or whatever you want to call him. His entire history (not counting the original evil spell done by Rita) has done more to help the enemy than hurt them.

Heck DT is all about him recruiting some teens to clean up HIS mess.

The Tyrannodrones, he had absolutely no reason to create them except to act as his own personal army. He had no enemies at the time. All his enemies were dead thanks to Andros during the events of COTD and the combination of 9 other Red Rangers during the events of FR. He created them solely for the invasion of Earth.

Fossilador, what reason would have to create a mind controlling skeletal dinosaur? Invasion of the Earth, makes it easier to disarm the people if they are forced to give their guns over by mind control.

Tommy is evil pure and simple.
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I loved PRiS-PRTF the most.

The show was pretty juvenille and campy as MMPR/Zeo/Turbo and I felt it reflected its audience.

However, as PR's original fans grew older, it felt as though the show grew and matured in depth and storytelling style with PRiS-TF.

Wild Force was quite a departure, with Chip Lynn and other writers gone but it still maintained some level of seriousness in the later half.

Ninja Storm went back to the pure camp of MMPR. I think thats when alot of the older fans (like myself) felt cut off from the series.
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