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Old 02/19/17, 08:26 PM   #21
Goldar's Revenge
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Default Re: Ranger Black

Killing people off screen is not the same as killing them on screen. Mao died but took on a spirit form. Cole's parents died due to a special circumstance like Marcus, Andrews, and "Ranger Black" would have been. Marcus and Andrews most likely wouldn't have happened in most other seasons. Neither would "Ranger Black". Almost assuredly. Eddie almost got away with pr creative's version of murder. And as I have said, I am glad "Ranger Black" didn't happen. Its just scary how close it was. It would have been close to franchise destroying.
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Old 02/19/17, 08:31 PM   #22
Inner Senshi
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Default Re: Ranger Black

It would have been terrible if Dillion ended up being a sleeper Venjix. It would have ruined RPM. Which was already too dark in lot of places.
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Old 02/19/17, 08:35 PM   #23
Disney Ranger
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Default Re: Ranger Black

I agree with Matt. Disney may have let Eddie have more leeway than normal..But I don't see them allowing "Ranger Black". It would go against everything Disney stands for. Its probably part of the reason why Eddie was dismissed.
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Old 02/20/17, 02:39 PM   #24
Massive Ego
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Default Re: Ranger Black

One again Disney takes all the fun out of Power Rangers. Too bad Saban Brands has. been just as bad.
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