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Default "Deal With A Nighlok" Discussion

I think this episode was an improvement. It gave us better character development. We learned a lot about Kevin this week and his back story. And we got to see more of the team dynamic between the Rangers. Last week was just tough since it was a cold open. It felt like we skipped the first episode and went right to the second one. This episode at least gave us a better look into the Rangers.

The cooking scene with Mia was funny. Using the Samurai Sword for the turkey was cute. It was funny to see Kevin have to throw the burnt chicken away.

The kids stuff wasn't as bad as a I thought. And the kid had a very real problem that kids today can relate too. With his father off to war.

I was interested to see Kochi Sacamoto in the credits at the beginning ot he episode. I don't remember seeing him last week, but I'll have to check. I guess that means he is still involved with the show somewhat.
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Default RE: "Deal With A Nighlok" Discussion

Koichi now works on Super Sentai.
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