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Well I can talk about my feelings about the Link Vent here. I didn't mind it because it took away the redundancy of seeing all the Final Vents one by one. And its not like the Advent Master did it all by himself. In fact it was all the other 13 Riders. It was also a believable way of taking Xaviax down. I am glad they made Xaviax powerful, since he was build up as a major threat all season.

I loved the showdown between Xaviax and Master Eubolon. We got to see Xaviax's true evil. His arogance was so aparent. He truely believed that the world of Karsh was more important then Ventara and Earth. It was cool to see all of Xaviax's evil come back at him in the end. I like how Xaviax tried to talk his way out of it. But this time Adam and Kit wouldn't here of it.

It would have been nice to get more face time for the other Ventarian Riders. But it wasn't neccessarly to the main plot. And really there wasn't time.
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