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Default Re: Day 22 (July 22nd) - Things that weren't adapted that you wished it was

Here are things that I thought was disappointing that they weren't adapted.
  1. Lokar being Rita's Boss I thought it would have fit more with him being the Master since he was just a head much like Zordon was
  2. Ohranger vs Carranger
  3. Carranger vs Megaranger
  4. Gaoranger vs Hurricanger
  5. Dekaranger vs Magiranger
  6. Gekiranger vs Go-Onger
  7. full Go-Onger vs Shinkenger
  8. Vrak assuming a Nighlok form
  9. The zord configurations that we didn't see.
  10. S.P.D. Gold Ranger
  11. Blast Buggy
  12. Talon Ranger
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