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Default Re: Power Rangers should be cancelled

Originally Posted by Concerned Parent View Post
Its ridiculous that this show is still on the air! It is way too violent and teaches young people the wrong way to solve problems. You guys really should stop watching it. Set a better example for the kids. No parent should let their kids watch this crap. Its not even educational.
what's ridiculous is you insisting the show to be cancelled just because it doesn't fit your ideals.
Power Rangers is a FANTASY show yes it teaches morals so it is educational so you're 100% dead fact wrong there but it's NOT supposed to be teaching how to solve serious problems the people who should be teaching that to their kids is their parents.
Parents shouldn't be blaming a show for their inability to parent that just shows how bad their parenting truly is if they feel the need to blame something else rather than take responsibility.

Originally Posted by concerned parent View Post
This Message Board should be closed. It only encourages people to watch the show and keep it on the air.
Again more proof that you have no clue what you're talking about. Boards and facebook pages don't encourage anyone to watch the show that's their decision to watch.

Originally Posted by concerned parent View Post
I am trying to spread my message and get the owner to closed this place done or turn it into a Anti Power Rangers board.
That's not happening. Your message will fall on deaf ears because you're attacking an entertaining show that you simply don't understand and don't wish to understand.
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