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Default Re: Arguing about Magiranger

Both Magiranger and Mystic Force have similarities to Harry Potter. In Magi, the banners for each of the Magirangers hanging on the wall in the "secret room" (Room of Requirement?) are reminiscent of the Hogwarts' Banners.

Mandora Boy equals the Mandrake plant from HP. Both have cries which are fatal to humans when they are removed from their soil.

Chess imagery=Wizard's Chess from HP.

However, a lot of the elements, as others have stated, are common to Witchcraft/Socerery/The Occult. Those elements are part of the public domain. Were the creators of Magiranger Force inspired by the popularity of Harry Potter? Without a doubt. Mystic Force is kind of stuck. As Disney inherits whatever Toei does, they have little choice but to follow the pre-determined Japanese theme.
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