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Default Re: Arguing about Magiranger

Originally Posted by ShadowJoker aka previously known as TaimuFaiyaa View Post
I would have to agree with your friend, I feel that Magiranger, in terms of it's creation relied on the Harry Potter craze. Of course the show probably didn't rip off it's plot, characters, setting, etc. But the whole magic theme, with spells like "Magi Maagi Majiro!" is definetely inspired by Harry Potter.
Aren't the HP spells Latin based?

But I have question of my own, why is it that when People say that "Magiranger is influenced by Harry Potter" sentai fans get a mad?
Speaking with MF in mind (I wasn't around when Magi did), those fans may have thrown hissy fits because people were using 'It's a Harry Potter ripoff' as a reason to criticise the show and it's a pretty dumb reason to do so.

I think LOTR gets brought up to help show that Harry Potter wasn't even the originator of the things that Magi/MF supposedly ripped off.

I don't have a real opinion on the matter because I don't know much about HP but Magi didn't feel like a derivative work while I was watching it. MF doesn't either (apart from the obvious).
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